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2007-05-17, 5:16 p.m.

Day 998

No, not me, at least not yet. The burn out refers to a recent event at the gym. Recent, like this morning. Pressed for time again and wanting to get in a leg workout with the weights, I decided to do a quick “sprint” on the treadmill this morning. Figured I’d just knock off two miles as fast as I could.

Quite often, I’ll set the treadmill for 8.5mph for the first ¼ mile, then back it down to 8 for the bulk of my run. This morning, since I was doing the quick sprint thing, I left the speed setting at 8.5 As I approached the 1.5 mile mark, I noticed the belt was starting to skip. I could feel the hesitations as I was going along. It feels really funny, like your knee has an extra little motion – as long as the skips are small. Then, at about the 1.75 mile mark, the speedometer actually started showing that the belt was really slowing down, and there were no longer ‘hesitations’ – there were very noticeable slowdowns in belt speed.

Thinking that maybe the control system was having a bad day, I cranked up the speed from 8.5 to 9. I was feeling pretty good run wise, and it WAS the last ¼ mile. Apparently the treadmill wasn’t feeling quite as chipper. That’s when the belt really started slowing down, and KEPT slowing. Then the smell started. The smell of fried electronics. Electrical geeks like me know that smell all too well – usually the result of a part being stressed beyond its limits. As the belt crept to a halt, the display on the dash changed over to “Check velocity control system”. Excellent advice!!

I trotted my sweaty carcass over to the desk and told the coach there that I burned up a treadmill. She looked at me kinda funny, but as we walked over to the dead machine, she caught a whiff of the smoked motor. She looked at me and said “Wow, you really did burn up the treadmill!” Heeeee – new claim to fame. Ran Treadmill #8 at the Westside Y right into the ground!!

Dishwasher gets delivered today. Finally. I’ll be skipping the usual Thursday Al Anon get together to do the install. Home Desp0t was offering free installation & removal of the old unit, but I declined the install. First, they’d probably want to use all new supply plumbing. Bah humbug! When I re-did the kitchen back in what, ‘99?, 2000?, whenever, I set the dishwasher up to use Tigon reinforced supply hose. Screws on almost like a garden hose. Need a brass fitting on the dishwasher side that I kept from the old machine. They’d charge me for a new fitting and a new hose, when my current ones are perfectly acceptable. That’s probably the “installation kit” the sales kid tried to get included in the deal. Told them “no thanks” on the install.

I did, however, yank the old dishwasher out and leave it in the garage. I intend to take full advantage of their free disposal service, thankyouverymuch. I’m going to guess that 30 or so minutes after I get home tonight we’ll have a fully functioning dishwasher, just raring to get going on tonight’s dinner dishes.

Cindy’s antics of late are starting to get me a little riled. She’s employing prepubescent playground tactics in an effort to get under my skin. I know that’s all it is – a mechanism for her to create stress in order to create an excuse to drink. Being all stressed out. It’s such crap when she’s manufacturing the stress. At least she’s digging at me and leaving the kids out of it. The kids recognize what’s going on and cut me some slack. I make it a point to thank them for helping out around the house – even if it’s just picking up after themselves. It’s harder to get the kids to leave Cindy alone. Eric is so much like I was a year or two ago – little digs, constantly calling attention to the fact that she’s drunk and it’s no secret, always with the snide remarks. Zach’s gotten better over the last few months, Eric still needs some coaching.

I need to ramp up the meditation training. OR go for a nice long bike ride – 50 miles or so ought to do it. Saturday. I’ll get a plot of the route even and at least take mental notes & actual pictures. It’ll be fun. If it doesn’t rain.

Time to go do a dishwasher.

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