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More Silence
2007-05-24, 4:20 p.m.

Day 1005 More Silence

Man, itís going to be a quiet holiday weekend. Maybe Iíll ride my bike down to Circeís and keep her company for a while. Itís going to be like a tomb up here.

Jill is headed home for the holiday weekend. She leaves tonight. Both boys will be headed out sometime Saturday Ė Zach is going down to Jillís folks place, Eric is headed out to Kellyís parents. Think itís because itís predicted to be warm this weekend and theyíll have swimming options available (pool, lake) and our own pool has been gone for 4 years?

Or is it because Cindyís surly silence and moping is driving everyone bat shit and if they have options to skedaddle, theyíre taking them? Like I was saying earlier, Circe? Iíll share the couch with a cat or three if need be.

In a way, having the kids gone Saturday, Sunday & most of Monday could be a good opportunity. Might get the air cleared, again. Iíll just play it loose and if opportunity knocks, Iíll dive in. No point forcing the issue and making things worse.

Last time I posted a list of stgt (shit to get to), it kinda helped to focus my efforts. Didnít accomplish it all, but made some serious progress. So, for the holiday weekend, hereís a potential list of activities:

Bike the Batavia loop (55 miler)
Till Veggie garden
Prep trim on shed Ė sand & prime

Rest the legs
Garden Factory Ė get annuals & veggies and some more garden cloth
Paint shed trim (Burnt Auburn)
Plant tomatoes (cherry) & peppers (sweet, Jalapeno, Habanero)?

Bike some 65 mile loop, yet to be invented
Paint shed 2nd coats, trim & main body
Plant remainder of veggies Ė squash, carrots, beets, beans

Of course, I have to run this past the Department of Civil & Marital Warfare, but I doubt sheíll have any meaningful input. Iím sure sheíll bitch about the bike rides, even after saying sheís fine with my getting more into biking. Her opinion is that now that Iíve gone & gotten a real bike, I have to spend more time riding it. But she complains about every second I spend riding it, especially if it doesnít fit into her idea of when a good time to ride is.

Her opinion? It would be great to just ride it to work & back. 9 miles one way. Barely 30 minutes, in a high traffic area. Ummm, Iím trying to get ready for a 100 mile, 6 hour ride next month. A measly 9 miles to work is bordering on a useless non-training run. After the tour I may start riding to work more, especially as gas approaches $4 a gallon (and my van uses a gallon a day just to get to work & back), but for now? I need lots & lots of miles. Like I was thinking yesterday, maybe Iíll ride out to my sponsors place someday soon. Do a training run with side benefits.


Just had to sneak out of my 25th anniversary celebration here at the zoo. I requested an anonymous party with chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches & soda. I stayed for 30 minutes, completely hosed the anonymous part (thanks to a lucky co-worker that guessed right) but decided to leave before I consumed my third 500 calorie sammich. Man, those things are good. Gonna take 20 minutes on the treadmill to burn off just one of them. Knowing that doesnít make it any easier to not eat them either.

The Lost season finale last night was pretty damn good. Took 1:55 to figure out that those scenes with Jack at the hospital were flash-forwards, not flashbacks. Or the whole story to date has been a flashback with more flashbacks embedded in it and weíre just now seeing the present day storyline. Locke isnít dead (figured that would be the case) and, surprise, Walt is back. The one thing I donít understand is why they had Charlie stay in the radio room and drown after Mikhail blew the window in with a grenade. It looked like there were locking handles outside the radio room and he could have gotten out easily enough and limited the flooding to that one little room while allowing himself & Desmond to escape in the scuba gear. Seemed like flawed logic there. Maybe that was the problem. I used logic.

Workout this morning sucked. (I blame Lost) Got there late (no spinning, I get there late, period). Wanted to run 4 miles, kind of a prep for next weeks 3.5 mile race. Set the pace kinda slow (I thought), and took off. Got to 3 miles and cashed it in. Legs were just done. Very disappointing. Sad part is I was running slower than I did when I cranked out a 5K (3.11 miles) Tuesday. Must be my biorhythms are all bottoming out.

Now, what with the work anniversary over and all, I have a whopping $150 to spend, in the company store. On what, I have no idea. A camera tripod maybe, but that would leave 125. Not enough for another (decent) camera, and do I really need another 5 or 6 shirts from a former employer? Iíll go look during lunch tomorrow, but Iím not holding out a lot of hope that Iíll find anything interesting. Golf Balls? Maybe a new windbreaker with some lame logo? Photo printer paper? Gah. The possibilities are so limited.

Meeting tonight. Boy, do I need one. Got to set up a plan with the sponsor.

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