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S is for . . .
2007-05-29, 2:54 p.m.

Day 1010

Thought Iíd try and summarize the weekend keying off of words starting with the letter S.

Saturday we learned that:

S is for:
sixty, which is how far I traveled by bike in the morning.
sore ass, which is what I had after 3.5 hours in the saddle. Joe Ė FYI, it only took just over a day before I could walk normal again. Ouch!
stupid, which is what Cindy called me for even trying to bike that far.
sympathy, which Cindy actually gave me a little of Ė as long as I didnít moan & groan too much.
sunburn, that I got while biking. Lovely farmers tan too!!
shed, that did not get painted
solo, which is how Cindy & I were left after the kids took off for the weekend.

Sunday we learned that:

S is for:
sore ass - those glutes were still complaining. Did some nice hamstring stretches, helped muchly.
slew of plants, almost all of which got planted Sunday - even the elusive, ultra dark purple dahliaette. (Went to 3 nurseries to find them!!)
seeds that also got planted. 4 types of squash, snow peas, 3 types of string beans, cherry tomatoes, Jalapenoís, Habaneros, sweet peppers & beets. Oh Ė giant pumpkins too. Weíre (Iím) gonna try for a 100+ pounds this year.
senility, which is getting The Bob firmly in itís grips. Noticeable mostly to those of us closest to him Ė he can fool the casual observer. Spent a large chunk of the weekend keeping him entertained.
shed, that did not get painted
smoker, where we did up ribs for dinner

On Monday we learned:

S is for:
sore ass & still, but no so bad. It only hurt when I sat on hard chairs.
substitute plants that deer like (Arborvitae) for those they donít. Only 2 Arborvitae left in the yard now.
shed, that did not get painted
smoker, where we did up brats, stuffed jalapenos & baked beans for dinner. The beans were amazing. Put them under the brats to soak up all that lovely pork fat & smoke. So glad Cindy finally relented and let us try it. Sheís glad too!!

Enough of that. Itís too limiting.

I have actual pics of my bike ride Saturday, taken while I was in the saddle. Iíll crop & post them soon. Itís the only actual proof I have that I at least saw Batavia and was on a bike Saturday.

Zach got his job offer Friday. Not as much as he was hoping for, but everything is negotiable, right? Heís talking to the head of the local office today to see what they can work out. Even if they donít increase the base salary, heís still accepting the offer. Easier to find a new job when you already have one, or so the rumor goes. His start date will be June 11. He canít wait. I predict that by the end of August he & Jill will be moving into their own apartment. Iím sure they want to get it done before Jillís fall semester starts.

Cindy was unusually ďupĒ this weekend. Could it have been because I actually had a few beers Friday night? Did that give her hope that alcohol wasnít going to be permanently banned from the house? (Iíve never threatened that, by the way) Did my having a few beers make me look more human, or more approachable, as opposed to the version of me that can go weeks at a time with no beer or wine at all? I have no clue. I just rode the wave. Made for a much more pleasant weekend. Of course, going to an Al Anon meeting tonight may just burst that bubble, but I wasnít the one sipping wine in the kitchen while at the same time working a beer or 3 out on the patio. (I also wasnít the one that noticed that. Nope, not me.) (OK, I did notice it, but it was while cleaning up dishes after dinner. It wasnít MY wine glass on the kitchen counter, and I certainly didnít leave a 1/3 full bottle of wine in the rack we use to hold cooking stuff like EVOO, vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar and the peppermill.)

No I didnít go looking for trouble like that, it just ran into me. So much for enjoying a beer after a long weekend of work. Wonder how much of it was an act for her father?

Enough of that. Meeting tonight might make me feel better. Besides, I think Iím accepting the group reps job for the Tuesday night group. That will mean at least one more meeting a month, plus convention attendance and other duties. Iíll try the job on for size for a little while and see how it goes.

Shed didnít get painted this weekend, but at least itís on the radar screen now. What with intentions having been declared and all, Cindy now knows itís on the list of things to get to this summer. Thereís not that much to do Ė itís just kind of a pain. Maybe after the Tour in a couple of weeks things will settle down. Itís hard to accomplish much when 6 hours of the weekend is lost to training (and/or recovering from said training) for this tour.

Oh. While plotting my next training ride, I found a really nasty local route that someone has plotted. Itís a 55 mile route that starts in Canandaigua, basically does a lap of Canandaigua Lake and includes a drive by some of the local ski slopes. The total elevation change for the trip is in excess of 12,000 feet with a couple of climbs of over 1000 feet each. To compare, the ride I did Saturday had a total of 1100 feet of elevation change in roughly the same distance. That Canandaigua route encompasses as many of the areaís big hills as it can in one relatively short trip. If I ever get to feeling crazy, I may go try it sometime this summer. Maybe Iíll find Gary the sadistic bastard out there riding it too.

Gotta run. Iíll try and massage a few pictures of the ride tonight and get them posted. Might even through in a gratuitous shot of some random male taking a bath. Itís kind of exciting. Really.

ps - if you're reading - Happy Birthday Circe.

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