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Catching Up
2007-05-31, 1:22 p.m.

Day 1012

Need to catch up on comments. Iíve been rather negligent about responding to some. Never seem to be able to remember if I just do a comment in response of if I might answer a question in an entry. Donít let anybody tell you Alzheimerís isnít contagious. The more I hang out with Cindyís dad, the worse my memory gets.

Joe Ė Lordy, I hope none of the runners goes commando to work today! Seriously now, the race itself starts at 7pm. The RIT campus will close around 5:30pm and all the racers will be shuttled in from nearby campuses (U of R, MCC and a mall) Iíll get dropped of by one of my kids at the college gate and hike in from there. From what I see in an article in this mornings paper, weíre up to 10,300+ runners this year.

This article from the local paper spells it out nicely, and this is the events official site.

Gretchen Ė I probably should assume sheís taking water to drink until proven otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty, right? But then thereís prior bad acts to consider (I know, according to Law & Order theyíre not always admissible in court). Itís also hard to trust when youíve been burned in the past. Then thereís the question if she gets caught by the staff at the Y and forfeits her membership Ė does that nuke mine too? I would have a leetle teensy problem with that. Then again Ė you were the one that told me ďDonít borrow troubleĒ werenít you? Good advice. I ought to take it more often.

Blueyedmom Ė Hi!! How are ya? Glad to have you aboard. Like you guessed, you arenít quite the mystery guest. Thanks to D-land, your tracks were just there to follow Ė so I did!

Going back a ways:

Maria Ė My issues with growing garlic go back a ways. Couple of years ago we were at the garden store (Garden Factory actually) picking up our usual load of spring things Ė annuals, veggie seeds, the oddball shrub or 20, and we spied these garlic sets. Bought them & planted them. 36 lovely garlic cloves, all ready to grow.

By fall? Not ready to pick. Not even close. Turns out, around here at least, garlic should be planted in the fall, left to over winter, then harvested the next fall. Who knew? So this year, I went out to where our garlic was STILL sitting from 2 springs ago and thinned each clump of garlic plants down to the single largest plant of the bunch. If it works, great. Weíll have loads of garlic come fall. If not? Iíll just get a couple of heads of garlic from the store, plant then in the fall and hope for the best.

You donít want to know about my horseradish mishaps. In a nutshell Ė Iíve put roots in the ground twice and have yet to see a single plant. Iím so bummed! I love me some horseradish.

There are probably questions left hanging back there in the comments, but thatís all my addle-pated brain can recall at the moment. If you have any hot, burning questions you just gotta have answered, ask again I guess. If I remember that I asked you to re-ask, I might remember to answer. (Kidding - my memory is fine. Mostly.)

Got my cholesterol numbers back yesterday. Woo hoo!! Total cholesterol: 186. Síposed to be <200, so 186 is fine. Other important number is some ratio (LDL to HDL?) thatís supposed to be <5. I had a 3.7. Bottom line? I get to stay off meds and donít need to seethe doc again until later next year, in time for me 50 million-mile check-up. Complete with colonoscopy. Iím SO looking forward to that one.

No workout this morning. Saving all the mojo for the race tonight. Weird sleeping in like that. Weird staying up past 10pm not thinking about how hard itís going to be to wake up in the morning. Canít wait for tonightís race, canít wait for tomorrow mornings spin class. Feel like I have all this energy to burn, and I kinda do Ė but it needs to be metered out in a miserly fashion.

Trying to plan an 80+ mile route for this weekend. Might do a loop that includes a significant portion of next weeks Tour de Cure ride. I can intersect the course with about a 10 mile ride, maybe do a 60 mile sample loop of the course, then head for home Ė maybe picking off a hill or two on the way. Thatíll leave me a solid week to rest & recover (i.e. only go to the gym every day and sweat it out). Plus I can check out how easy it is to eat different things while riding. Also have to figure out where to pick up more liquids. I can only carry 50-ish ounces in my frame mounted bottles. Maybe I can carry spares in my back pack? What about sloshing? Will they shift around too much? Should I just bag it & buy some at a convenience store? Iím also curious about how well yogurt will travel. Itís a good source of potassium, but might be tough to take along. Need to try. (Iíd eat that at a rest stop. Canít see riding no-hands for a mile while trying to spoon out a cup of yogurt. What a wreck!) Be neat to experience a storm while riding this weekend too Ė just to get a grip on how to handle it during the Tour. Think Iíll start early too Ė like 7am. Then a 5 hour ride ought to get me home at noon, + rest time.

Off to plan a route.

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