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Done Did Date Myself
2007-06-06, 2:40 p.m.

Day 1018

No, that’s not some autoerotic thing going on (isn’t that something to do with cars?). If I was to date myself about now, I think I’d pack it in and go home early, asking “Geeze, is that all you do is whine?” Working on that though.

The dating thing was yanking out that reference to betting ones bippie (Bippy?) It comes from many of Arte Johnson’s little cameo skits on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In that aired waaaayyyy back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. The big draw to the show (in my dad’s eyes at least) was Judy Carnes & Goldie Hawn (yes, Kate Hudson’s mom) go-go dancing in teeny bikinis. Arte Johnson also had a character whose tag line was “Wanna see my walnetto?” and another character that was a Nazi soldier that he was spoofing. For some reason the Nazi and a palm tree come to mind from one of the recurring bits he’d done. The show was fast paced, bawdy for the times and short lived. There’s nothing on TV today quite like it, and maybe the closest thing in recent memory is something like Benny Hill (is that too old too?). Ahhh, back in the days when there were only 3 channels + PBS and rabbit ear antennas with aluminum foil extensions. Remote control? That’s what kids were for. It’s the only reason we were allowed to sit close to the TV set. Quicker response time.

I need a “P” word to use in an alliteration phrase to describe spin class this morning. Patty took a page out of Gary The Sadistic Bastard’s (yes, we can capitalize him now.) book this morning and decided it would be good to do uphill sprints 3 different ways – hard, fast & continuous (how I like my s . . ., well, you know). So it’s like Patty pushed pooped pedalers perilously (something that means UPHILL FAST). Nearly got sweat down to the hem of my shirt this morning. That’s been a goal for some time now. Sort of a measure of how intense the workout was, assuming the humidity in the room is somewhat constant and I sit under the same ceiling fan.

Had my covertness blown this morning. Patty, being a Type I diabetic, is intensely interested in the Tour. She’s not riding this year, but she is showing up as a volunteer/course marshal/honorary official or something. So this morning, she asks the class (all 18 – 20 or so of us) if anyone is doing the Tour this Sunday. My new Buddy Tom, of route marking fame, pipes up and says loudly (while pointing at me even) “Brian there is doing the 100”. Gee, thanks Tom. Patty was fine with it, but now I feel like my perceived exertion (by Patty and others) in class is going to have to be a little higher since I’ve been identified as some whack job that thinks a 100 mile bike ride looks like fun. Maybe not. Could be all in my head. Besides, it’s like I mentioned to Roxie – no one really knows how high or low you have your resistance set – you go at your own pace and get the work out you want. To Tom’s credit though – he’s doing the 65 mile version of the Tour himself, so he’s nearly as whacked as I am. Tom looks to get a pretty good workout in himself.

If you ever want to know how “fun” a 100 mile ride is, ask my ass come Monday morning. Course, during last weeks 80 miler I took the advice of a fellow biker here at the zoo (a century rider too). He suggested that I stand more often, especially on the climbs. Not only is climbing easier while standing (I did know that), but it offers your rear end a nice change of pace. Takes the pressure off, so to speak. Now, I knew that too, but it never percolated up close enough to the surface to be noticed. Now that Remo planted it there, it’s getting some use. The other thing he suggested? Biking shorts, with the gel padding in the buttal region. Might go get some at lunch today. A little gel cushion on my sitter bones might come in handy. Maybe some padded gloves too, cuz I have this carpal tunnel thing going on with my left hand. Pinky has been tingly since Saturday and it just won’t go away. Right hand is fine (Thank god! What would I do?!? - Mouse clicks people, mouse clicks!!) I’m willing to give lefty time to recover, but I’d like to prevent the same thing in the right hand/wrist. Best to protect them with gloves now.

Here’s the recipe for that soup from last night. I don’t think you need a user name/password to get at it – at least I didn’t use one to dig it up. I used 2 chipotle’s in last nights version and some of the more tender palated among us thought it was a bit hot. Barely got my nose running, but the girls were fanning their mouths. They’ve led such sheltered lives . . .

A bowl of chowder, some nice crusty bread and a salad makes for a great meal – especially on a cool day. Last night I started cooking just before 6 and we were eating just after 7. You can avoid the blender work if you have a boat motor (immersion blender), but chop up your veggies so they’ll fit in the boat motor’s slots. For the chipotles and hominy, I head straight for the Goya section of our store. I’m thinking that if we can get them up here in the hinterlands of New York, they ought to be available most anywhere.

Works piling up. Better run. Power supplies to qualify, lasers to test, more & more parts to order. I might even get to do some actual building of stuff. We’re so busy even the engineers get to use tools!! (Oh, how dangerous)

Later folks.

Oh yeah - not that he reads this, but I owe a Happy Birthday greeting to my Jehovah Witness younger brother down in Tennesee. He had the dubious distinction of turning 6 years old on 6/6/66.
So, Happy Birthday Jeff. Yah old fart.

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