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Resting Up
2007-06-09, 12:50 a.m.

Day 1020

Resting, resting, resting. Almost feel like a bear getting ready to hibernate, stockpiling energy. Plan on putting on a decent carbo load tomorrow, do a little light gardening, keep active but nothing really strenuous.

Have had a real flurry of activity in the sponsorship department today. So much so that the goal I had set has been exceeded! Thanks to all who have contributed. I think we all know someone whose life has been touched by diabetes. Your donations are going to fund research and offer assistance to diabetes patients and their families. You just never know which dollar it is that will provide the next breakthrough, or get a person another week of medicine. It all helps.

I canít wait to get moving. Itís like the anticipation that builds up in you before a game. Itís not butterflies of nervousness, itís excitement, waiting to burst forth. Feels kinda good. Just need to ride out tomorrow and cut it loose come Sunday.

Gretchen, about that comment. Thanks for noticing!! Yes, it has done a lot of good. Even Zach mentioned the other day Ė ďGeeze Dad, youíre a lot calmer than you used to be. Youíre not banging stuff around at all any moreĒ Heh. If the kids notice, it must be working, right?

Went and picked up some bike shorts after work today. I tried on a few different styles & sizes. Ended up with a ďtouringĒ pair. Supposed to have the most generous padding in the rear (gives me a J. Lo butt!) and that sweat wicking fabric to help stay a little drier. Weíll see about that. My skin is pretty good at leaking once it gets fired up. But I do have to say, those shorts fit like a second skin! Not only can you tell if a guy is circumcised, I think you could identify the doctor that did the job. Geeze. Jill asked if I was going to wear a pair of shorts over the bike shorts. I hadnít thought of it, but maybe I should consider it. I kinda worry about the extra layers and temperature though. Hell, everyone will be sporting bike shorts Sunday, Iíll just go with the flow. Iíll have a spare pair available. If theyíre not needed, theyíll end up in the van for wearing later.

Only thing thatís irritating me is the lack of updates on the fed-ex site regarding where in the sam hill my camelbak is. I contacted the seller, heís contacted fed-ex, they sent out some semi-placating bs email that basically said, ďitís in transitĒ According to their website, that tracking number was logged into their facility in North Salt Lake Utah on June 5 and hasnít been heard from since. Pushing 96 hours without an update? Itís no wonder they lost Tom Hanks for 4 years on that island in Cast Away.

Went and saw our nieces concert tonight at the Hochstein Music school. What a bunch of talented kids! Itís flat out amazing what some of these kids can play. The music they performed (long hair classical schtuph) isnít the stuff I listen to every day, but after having played my share of it (trombone in concert, jazz, stage & marching bands back in the day), I do have an appreciation of the time and effort that goes into their performances. Honestly, there were 7th & 8th graders that would have put me to shame. I was really impressed by how well they all performed.

Itís getting late, and I need my beauty rest. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to my onĖline ride sponsors. Youíve made my all giddy and excited to ride. Canít wait to get out there and be a good former Kodaker and take loads of pictures to share later.

Might stop in again before the ride, but will be back Monday with an update for sure. Thanks again!

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