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Slides of my Vacation
2007-06-14, 4:38 p.m.

Day 1026 Slides of my Vacation

Here is the dreaded slideshow of my little vacation last Sunday. I don’t have an accurate count, but I did get a slew of shots of the “Welcome To . . .” signs and signs just proclaiming which town/village border one just crossed. There’s shots of the cyclists as we assembled to start, some shots of the group in motion, gathered at rest stops and also some shots of the country side we traveled through. Hope to dispel the notion that many people have that New York starts and ends with New York City.

That’s one thing that bugged me while I was in the service. I would naturally respond “New York” when people would ask where I was from. Their next question usually involved Brooklyn, the Bronx or Long Island. I’d mention Rochester, and they’d be all “What borough is that?” Mention that it’s a 6+ hour drive to the Bronx from my house and they’d about fall over. People just forget that there’s more to New York than the Yankees & the Manhattan skyline. We’re a huge dairy state, #2 or 3 apple producer, #2 or 3 in grape & wine production and as one picture shows, we grow acres & acres of corn, much of which ends up in Birds Eye frozen veggie bags.

Ok, I’m off my I <3 NY soap box now. Maybe the governor will lower my taxes a bit for that PSA, ya think? Me neither.

Skipped this mornings workout. Stayed up too late farting around with those flickr pics. Silly system only lets you upload 6 at a time. Then you have to add each one to a set, add captions, make sure they’re in order – such work!! Kinda fun though. Now I have a record of this years event to compare against next years ride. (Yes, next years ride.) Still looking for details on things like number of participants, how many on each of the rides (100, 62, 40 & 10). I’m just curious about trivial shit like that.

Also made the mistake of getting involved in one of “those” talks last night. Never pays to get into one of them when the person you’re talking with is under the influence of the thing you’re talking about. I also think I failed miserably at limiting my statements to what is affecting me and how I feel about things. Still kind of new at this, so it’s going to take some practice. I know I said the phrase “it’s not you, it’s the drinking” repeatedly, but I think she was in that mode where she’s either talking or not talking – there’s no actual listening happening between her ears. She practically accused Al Anon of being a cult and warping my mind. She also absolutely refused to accept even a shred of responsibility for her drinking. There is such a long ways for her to go. Going to be a helluva ride.

In my defense, she did catch me unprepared. I had only just hatched the plot to treat this as a writing assignment. Ah well. Back up, write it down like I said I wanted to, and practice, practice, practice.

I need to be at tonight’s meeting kind of early. It seems I ended up with the key to the church. Hope this doesn’t mean I get to chair the meeting too. Pretty sure I did it last week, didn’t I? Not like it hurts (much) or anything, but still – you gotta share the fun, right?

Hey – guess what showed up yesterday? Fresh from the Utah desert, my Glacier Quench hydration unit arrived. The outer packaging looked a little worn, kinda dirty, but intact. The inner packaging was still sealed and everything looks fine. Even gave it a quick test run in the kitchen. Filled the bladder with maybe 2 liters of water, got it all assembled, slung it on my back and took a sip. Tasted like ass. Plastic ass, but eeeeww all the same. It’ll get a nice thorough cleaning, then be subject to a nice test ride. Don’t know where yet, but I’m thinking something in the 50 mile range – try to keep it to 3 hours or so.

Gotta run to my meeting – got the keys ya know.

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