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Civility Under the Influence
2007-06-21, 4:12 p.m.

Day 1033 Civility Under the Influence


Thought I was having a nice little chat with the spousal unit last night. She was going over details pertaining to her weekend plans. Seems the new high school principal would like her to attend graduation. Seeing as Cindy does about 95% of the organizing, planning, and orchestrating of the event, heíd like her there. So we were talking about that and her trip to the auditorium at Roberts Wesleyan, where the ceremony will be held and all the arrangements she was making there. Lots of stuff to cover. This seeming good mood was a pleasant change, so I was riding it for as long as it would last.

I had to get busy in the kitchen so dinner would be ready, so I kinda hinted that we could continue chatting while I was getting dinner ready. Thatís when things started to become a little clearer. Cindy was in her chatty Cathy mode. I hadnít seen her mug oíjuice, but it was apparent she had a decent buzz going. Thatís the only reason she was being civil Ė she was just drunk enough to want to talk and I was the only human being around.

Long story short: Avoided an overcooked dinner (that I was doing, but had Ďhelpí with) by Zach intervening at the appropriate times, dodged getting blown up by gas pouring out of an unlit burner (more help) with more intervention, and just more of the same old, same old. And she wonders why she ends up every evening watching TV alone. The rest of us? Go and try to have a life.

Her typical evening is just a minature version of how her life is progressing Ė not at all. Sheís falling behind while everyone else is growing, becoming adults, forming new relationships and getting healthy.

An AA speaker at a recent Al Anon anniversary meeting said it took him 8 years to figure out he had a problem. For him, it was a court appointed trip to rehab due to his 2nd DWI. 8 years, and the state had to kick him in the ass to get him there. Heís now been sober 24 years and his wife has 20-some years in Al Anon. They were great speakers too by the way. Loved their delivery, and they shared both sides of their story very well.

8 years. Cindyís been percolating really bad for 3. I hope she doesnít go another 5 before she gets help. Physically, I might still be around, but mentally? Iím afraid Iíll have checked out before that. Far as Ďotherí areas are concerned, Iím trying to maintain the straight & narrow, but everyone has limits. Iím not a monk for crying out loud.

This morningís run was a carbon copy of Tuesdayís run. (Nice segue, eh?) Kind of got into a little funk at around 2 miles, felt like just bagging it there, but itís amazing what happens when you just keep going. Pretty soon, you get a bit of a second wind and running becomes easy again. Stopped at 5K, but soon I need to entertain stretching the runs out to 10K. Maybe in 1 mile increments. Go to 4 miles for a couple of weeks, than push to 5. Hang there for a couple of weeks, then stretch it to 6. Itíd be cool to really stretch it to like 10 miles or even a half marathon, but thatís getting to be a big investment in time. Even if I could run 8mph the whole way (which I canít at the moment), 10 miles would take 75 minutes. Half marathon? Nearing 1:40. Iíd actually have to get to the Y at 5:30-ish on non cycling days. Ouch. Probably have to get real running shoes too rather than my typical cross trainers. Better put it on a list.

Zach & Jill showed me the route to Jillís parents house. It would make for a pretty entertaining bike ride. There are some challenging climbs and itís a decent distance (75-ish miles). Still, I doubt I could do the round trip in one day (this year), so it would require an overnight stay or coordination with a family visit out that way so we could haul my bike back in the van.

Pitched my Pennsylvania bike trip to the gal that cut my hair last night. Sheís all for it, but it turns out sheís originally from that area. Not exactly an unbiased opinion. At least itís a vote in favor of the trip! Maybe I should join that bike club and search for a riding partner there. Hmmmm.

Oohh Ė Saturday is the Twilight Criterium Ė a series of bike races on downtown streets. Even the proís will be here riding. Seriously considering heading downtown to take it in. Plus, the local bike clubs will be there. Iíve been corresponding with one of the membership coordinators, might meet them at the races and get more gory details. Things like how speedy are the group rides, how does their point system work, will I be able to keep up? And on and on . . .

But bike racing downtown!! And I can watch right outside the Dinosaur Barbecue while sipping a quality draft beer (like a Saranac Black Forest - yum!) It goes all day. Amateur races start around 2:30 and the pros finish at night, under the lights. Too cool. Pictures sure to follow.

Iím gonna go pretend to work for a while now. Later . . .

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