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Things that go bump in the night
2007-06-26, 12:08 p.m.

Day 1038

Got woken from a fitful sleep last night around 11pm. Sounded like someone banged a trashcan lid right outside our bedroom window (which happens to look out over the garage roof Ė lovely!). I got up, peered out all the available windows and didnít see any activity. That was a good thing, because what was I going to do about anything while in my skivvies?

Didnít think too much of the noise I heard until I heard some commotion downstairs. Then I bothered to at least throw on a pair of shorts (in case Jill was up & about) and head downstairs. Eric had been downstairs watching TV, but at the moment was running around with the remote in his hand (itís a guy thing), trying to find out what had made that noise. He thought it had come from upstairs, which would be my bedroom. I thought it came from outside, above the garage, so where did we look? The garage, of course. What did we find? Nothing. One of the overhead lights had blown, but outside of that, not a thing seemed out of place.

Since it definitely didnít sound like gunshots and it was obvious no one had broken in, I went back upstairs to bed. Come morning time (or close to it) Cindy got up early to head to the Y for some lap swimming. Seems she was able to get the garage door Ĺ way up before it jammed up so bad the opener couldnít muscle it up. So 5:10am on a non-spinning day and Iím sort of awake and looking at the fooking garage door. It was jammed up all right. The cable that normally runs through the pulley on the lift assist spring was aaaallllll wrapped around the track. Of course, having to step over the spring itself to get to the garage door was a huge clue. It also explains what that noise was Eric & I heard last night.

This, of course, means only one thing. I get to take the afternoon off to go fix the door. While Iím at it, Iíll take a swing at fixing the people door on the side of the garage too. Itís still suffering the after effects of a little hip check I threw at it one fine day when I was locked out of the house. Seems the jamb kinda came apart.

Now, I could do all this repair work after work (sounds odd), but this being a Tuesday, I have to go spend my 1 hour of quality time with 8 or 12 of my favorite gals. After this past weekend, I need that hour of just sitting and not worrying about anything. Plus I want to get their read on things, see if Iím over analyzing events, or if the whole manipulation/control conspiracy is plausible.

Wait. Doesnít it take more than one person to perpetrate a conspiracy? Am I the required 2nd party to the plot? Or do I just watch too much Law & Order? Yeah, too much L&O.

Supposed to be hotter than hell in these parts today. Like mid 90ís and muggy. Would love to have a beer or two after finishing off the garage door repairs. Seems like such a bad idea when Iím going to an Al Anon meeting afterwards though. Can you imagine showing up to that meeting with beer breath? Oi. Sponsor is cool with my still having a beer every now & again, but when (& IF) Cindy ever decides to quit, I may have to quit myself as a sign of support. Thatís the least I can do. Iím sure thereíll be more far-reaching changes in store. Still, better not burn those bridges till I get to them. Because if she doesnít ever decide to get help, there will be even MORE drastic changes happening.

Well, lunch time is about over. Better go prepare to sweat. Gotta gas up the van, get my repair spring and do a little grocery shopping before the real fun begins. At least with Eric off work thereís help at home today. Ought to make for a fun afternoon.

Oh yeah, nice run this morning. Seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut speed wise, but at least it's a faster rut than I was in last month.

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