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I Got Plenty of Nuthin
2007-06-28, 1:14 p.m.

Day 1040

Hmm. One of my fave Cole Porter songs. Good thing I was in choir in high school or Iíd never know that tune even existed. Choir, band AND science geek, I know!! Good thing I was decent at sports or Iíd probably never have gotten married, huh? (Some days, that doesnít seem like a bad thing . . .)

Still, it pretty much sums up what I have. Nuthin.

Oh. Except one thing that I DO have. Zachís been confiding in me. Heís ring shopping. Not a promise ring or a sweetheart ring, THE RING. He knows what Jill would like and went out pricing them. Started at a few ďMallĒ jewelry stores. Came back looking rather pale and scared. I suggested he check out the store where I got Cindyís anniversary ring. So last night, he and Jill head off on a little shopping trip before dinner. He was very pleasantly surprised with the prices at this other shop. They found a ring very similar to what Jill liked at the ďMallĒ store. Same stone sizes, similar arrangement (sheís going with a non-traditional, non-solitary piece) and half the price. I think theyíll be swinging a deal for it soon Ė but Cindy and I have insisted that he ask Jillís Dad permission before he officially pops the question. Thereís no surprise involved in him asking her Ė theyíve been making plans for a couple of years now and everybody (Cindy & I, Jillís parents) is pretty up to speed on things. Itís just, before you go off and get engaged to a manís only daughter, you oughta ask him first.

Thatís what I got. Nothing official, but things are moving in that direction. Sort of expected it once Zach got a job and had a regular, decent income. Of course, once things happen for real and we have some fiancťs in residence, youíll hear it here first. (Where else are you going to hear it? Silly of me, no?)

There was a huge article in the paper this morning about that accident with the five recently graduated girls. Turns out a total of 9 of them were headed to a cottage on a nearby lake to spend some time together before everyone left for college. The parents of the girl driving the SUV that was in the accident were the owners the cottage. The other 4 girls headed to the lake were in the vehicle behind the ill fated SUV. They saw it all happen. Everything. The driver of the semi was unhurt and tried to get to the SUV and help the girls Ė to no avail. A fuel line ruptured, heat & sparks during the collision ignited the fuel . . .

You can bet your next paycheck both my boys and Jill are fully aware of what happened and what the possible causes were/are. It only takes a moment for everything to change . . .

Work has been nicely challenging lately. Plenty busy. Helps keep the mind off things. Think I need to verbally abuse my sponsor a bit this evening too. Iíve been horrible about calling him, but by the same token, heís kinda sucked at calling me too. Ultimately, I own the task of initiating communication between us, but a WTF? call would be good too.

Of course, itíd be nice if he made a meeting sometime soon too. Iím worried heís dealing with some issues with his son and itís hampering his ability to get out & about. Donít know how, but I need SOMETHING to fret about, right? Lord knows I have no other issues sucking up all my time.

Have a one on one with my immediate supervisor this afternoon too. Thinking I might just open up to him a wee little bit. I feel Iíve been a little spacey at work lately and I need to let him understand the reasons behind it. He does write my appraisals, and Iíd like for him to understand whatís going down. Not all the hairy little details, just that I have some crap Iím dealing with and itís got me a little pre-occupied. More work to do wouldnít be a bad thing, actually.

Speaking of which, I better go. Got 10 tons of shit to get done before vacation next week and only a day and a half to get through it all. Gonna be fun, fun, fun.

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