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I need to ‘splain somethings
2007-07-13, 4:14 p.m.

Day 1055

I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, Happy Friday the 13th!! Have any good luck yet? Not me. Not yet. No bad luck though. Guess that's good.

Second, remember Gary, the Sadistic Bastard? Cycling instructor modeled after the Marquis de Sade? Yeah, he didn’t disappoint. My hamstrings & glutes are complaining just a bit this morning. Finally had to give up and drape my towel over the handle bars, covering them completely, because I was sweating so profusely, there was liquid flying everywhere. Couldn’t keep the handle bars dry enough to grip well. Kinda gross, I know, but I saw the towel draping idea on a gals bike. She wasn’t ‘perspiring’ quite as profusely as I was, but she was getting her money’s worth.

You can kind of use your sweat as a gauge of how strenuous the class is going to be. This morning, the first free flowing drop left my eyebrow 5 minutes after warm ups. Not a good sign. With Patty, Maria, Cheri or Leo I can make it 10 minutes without dropping a bead of sweat. Gary just has the knack I guess. Sadistic bastard.

Did have to feel a little sorry for him today though. He works for the city in some capacity that has to do with public works & utilities. There were 5 water main breaks in the city yesterday, and that kept him hopping till just past midnight. Trooper that he is, he dragged his sorry ass out of bed at 4:30am in order to come to the gym and beat us up on the bikes. What guy, eh? I’d buy him a beer after work, if I knew where he hung out. Certainly built up the calorie deficit. Thanks Gary.

What I was going to ‘splain. (it occurs to me now I may have misinterpreted the comment too, but what the hell . . .) Oh yeah . . .

About that gal I’m having some email correspondence with. I responded to an ad on Craig’s List on a lark. She wanted to know where all the good guys were. I responded that we were all stuck in relationships with alcoholic/addicted women, hoping for a miraculous recovery to restore our marriages. Somehow that’s turned into a bit of a pen pal relationship. Phone number swapping is probably next. We have no clue what each other look like, haven’t even gone as far as to provide sketchy descriptions. She’s recently separated from her husband (who sounds remarkably well suited to life in small town Texas, and not in a good way Circe) and is living with a friend from work (In the same town as me. Eek!)

I’ve been upfront about being married, and I believe she isn’t interested in any sort of amorous entanglements. At least with me. She’s got some experience dealing with Alzheimers (father & grandfather), and is also in therapy trying to work through the psychological abuse her ex put her through. We’ve agreed to compare notes on our therapies (mine being Al Anon) and also act as sounding boards for each other. I’d be surprised if anything more than a friendship develops out of this. Like I NEED more complications. To be perfectly honest though, if the possibility were to somehow come up? It would be horribly, tantalizingly tempting. Pun not intended. Consider it a freebie.

Separating. Not seriously considering that either. Sooner or later, I’m going to need to see some signs of Cindy accepting the reality of the situation. Like seriously attempting AA. It sucks that it always seems to come down to her drinking, but honestly, until that’s out of the way it’s going to be difficult to work on the other 67,291 parts of our relationship that need attention. So I wait. In sickness and in health and all that. Plus there’s her dad to think of.

Hmmm. It’s also become apparent that Cindy likes to think she can’t deal with her dad unless she’s ‘medicated’, but she just spent a whole weekend with him while she was essentially sober. She seems to have survived the ordeal too. If I can find a positive way to present that (or – if I can avoid being negative about it), I may bring that up to Cindy as a sort of “see, you CAN do this” kind of thing. Seems a small gesture, and it’s a positive feedback thing. We’re supposed to be encouraging to the alcoholics in our lives, so maybe that’ll fit the bill.

Sent off another proposal for dinner tonight. Went like this: Subs, Silver Lake Drive-In, Harry Potter. If you follow the link, I’m thinking Screen 1. The boy & I wouldn’t mind seeing what’s on screen 2, but I don’t think Cindy & Jill would sit through either of those, much less both.

Used to do that often when the kids were, well, kids. Lately? Not so much. But we’d grab a bunch of subs (hero’s, gyro’s, po’boys, what ever), big bag of peanuts, cooler full of beverages, some magazines, books, blankets, sleeping bags, lawn chairs – damn near the whole camping gear set and head off to the drive-in. Get there early, stake out our claim on the lawn, head over and play a round of putt-putt golf, then come back, munch dinner and kill time till the movie started. We’d get to see 2 first run feature films for the price of one. Only problem? Silver Lake Drive-In is all of a 50 minute drive. By the time the second movie finishes, you get out of the drive in, motor all the way home, it’s 2 – 2:30am easy. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow night, no one is working on Sunday so sleeping in won’t be a big deal.

Besides, I want to ride Saturday.

Time to go, I need to pick up some new tire tubes before I get home tonight and the bike shop is not on my way home. Have a good weekend peoples.

Pennyjar – CD burning this weekend. Fer Reel.

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