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For the Better, Really
2007-07-17, 2:14 p.m.

Day 1059

Ms. CL called this morning, left me a voice mail cancelling our lunch rendezvous. Says she got in late last night (12:30) and canít put 2 coherent words together. Still wants to meet, itís just that today sheís wiped out. Iíll have to call her to let her know I got her message. Maybe we can reschedule for later in the week or even meet up at a local coffee shop sometime. Mmmm, Panera Breads maybe?

Kinda relieved and disappointed all at the same time. To paraphrase Roxie, it was a slippery slope I was planning to venture onto, trying to establish a real life friendship with another woman outside the bounds of my own marriage. I got the impression we were on the same page as far as what we wanted to get out of this thing. Iíll just maintain contact and not push things. This whole idea is still fraught with danger, but the extra time will allow things to simmer in my brain pan for a few more days.

Cindy seems to have picked up an ear infection. Says it sounds like sheís in a tunnel, and itís hard to hear clearly. Started Sunday and was bad enough that she stayed home from work yesterday. I didnít realize any of this till I got home myself. She never bothered to get an appointment with our doc, partly because she let Eric take her car to work and had no means to get there and partly because sheís stubborn like that. (She can be SUCH a guy at times!)

Anyhow, she went in to work today, judging by the email I got from her regarding the NEXT family reunion, so her ear is either better or sheís used to it and thinks it isnít as bad. I donít know. Ear infections donít just go away. I asked her via email how her ear was doing (she was still snoozing as I left for the gym). No answer yet, but I hope she gets it taken care of before it balloons out of control. Why mess with an infection that is so close to your brain? Nothing good can come of ignoring it.

Speaking of the gym, my running sucks lately. Same speed, same incline, less determination? Been crashing at ridiculously short distances. Not even getting to 3 miles. Wonder if the up & down pace of biking is hurting the long, slow, grind it out style of running. The way the spin classes go, you do more of a series of sprints, lasting anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, then you get to back off for a while. Running is all about getting into a groove and maintaining a pace, not all this up & down stuff. I also havenít been willing to fight through blahs that always seem to happen after a couple of miles. Not sure if thatís the transition to anaerobic metabolism (do we weekend warrior type jocks even get there?) or just some knee high wall I have to get through, but I just donít have the gumption to get over it lately. Suppose I could drop my speed a bit and see if that helps, but that doesnít seem like progress. Maybe Iíll just Google an 8 week, 10K distance training program and try that for a bit. At least itíd be different. Be sweet if I could find one that included biking as training on the crossover Ďrestí days.

Need to go test my laser power modulator. Itís not as sexy as it sounds, really. Iím just having trouble finding suitable parts out of our lab stock. Eh, for better or worse, I just decided to make do with what I could get. Need to have a prototype demo ready tomorrow and I canít spend anymore time worrying about piddling little things like what kind of switch do I want. Yet.

This is a riot. If it werenít for the fact that the author actually believed what he was writing, it would be funny. Especially hilarious is the part where he goes on about how women, because all of their eggs are created and nestled in the ovaries by the time of their birth, have NO INPUT TO HOW A BABIES DNA TURNS OUT Ė ITĒS ALL DETERMINED BY THE MALE, whoís genetic contribution is made fresh daily.

I almost hit the floor screaming when I saw that.

The best part? This article is copyrighted starting in 2004:

Copyright © 2004 - 2007 by Kent R. Rieske, B.Sc., and Bible Life Ministries. All Rights Reserved.

In one of this guys arguments, he quotes a Michael Denton book from 1986. At the time, Denton was all anti-Darwin, anti Evolution. Since then? Well, his most recent book is:

Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe by Michael Denton (Paperback - Feb 1, 2002)

Seems heís swung around to the evolutionary side of the fence. BEFORE Mr. Rieske published his diatribe against evolutionary theory. Too bad Rieske has an aversion to staying current.

I found it all very amusing. I was going to start writing an essay to send to him, refuting every one of his claims, but just the thought of it made my head hurt. Itíd be a monumental task Besides, heís likely heard all my arguments before and is just too set in his ways to accept any new trains of thought. His loss.

Iím piecing this together throughout the day, if you couldnít tell. Sort of the fractured fairytale approach.

Letís see Ė lunch rendezvous canceled. Running sucks. Anti evolution argument is a spark of humor in an otherwise dull morning. The crŤme de la resistance? ITís a good news/bad news thing. I get to leave work early, but itís to go to a dental appointment. Suhweeet!! With Dr. Mary Ann Lester. Or Dr. M. A. Lester (on her card), or Dr. MALester (in my head) Sweet, sweet woman, she just does mean things to my gumline. Sheís been trying to correct a little pocketing, but that involves surgery & massive doses of pain killing drugs. Last round was 2 years ago, and I think Iím good. Most all my gum/tooth interfaces have a 3mm or less gap. The hygienist (Liz, another sweetheart) will harass me about flossing more, but all in all, my toofuses are doing fine, thanks.

Time to post & run, then off to the torture.

Ms. CL called. Oy.

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