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Well, thatís done
2007-07-20, 3:48 p.m.

Day 1062

Nice meeting last night. I like that 5:30 group on Thursdays. Itís odd mix of people, but the camaraderie amongst the crew is nice. Getting closer & closer to joining them for dinner afterwards too. Iíd be joining them for sure once the boys are moved out again (Eric to school and Zach on his own), but bowling starts up soon after that, and, well, a man has got to have his priorities. Bowling ranks right up there. Six weeks or so and weíll be at it again.

As far as whatís done Ė I followed through on that counselor/therapist dealie. On my way out the door last night, I printed out the contact info I needed for this counselor and surprised my self by actually giving her office a call as I sat in the parking lot. Had to leave a message. Apparently, this counselor operates 2 offices and Thursday was her day in the more remote office.

Imaging my surprise when she called this morning, before 9am even! Must be a small operation because she called herself, no receptionist, secretary or office manager was involved. Cuts down on overhead costs I suppose. Not like itís rocket science to manage a calendar and answering machine either.

So. Aug. 1 I get to meet her and see how this whole thing works. The web site I used for the referral process has a FAQ page that referenced a list of things to do to prepare for this appointment. Hereís the list:

Written list of questions. Good idea. I have two weeks to compile a nice list. I may try this a couple of times, when Iím in different moods, see how they compare.

Notes about problem Good idea. They suggest bringing notes, documents or records. Uhhh, doc? Iíve got it all recorded in my Technicolor wetware. As long as I donít lose too many brain cells, weíre good there.

History of problem It asks how long youíve had the problem and if youíve had similar issues in the past. I must also remember Ė this is about my own issues and how to fix them Ė this is not an attempt to fix Cindy. Must remember this.

Medication N/A for me, but a source of the problem in one sense.

Significant others And I quote: ďWhere appropriate, bring family members or other significant people who are involved with the problem to the first sessionĒ. Man! Iím glad they included ďwhere appropriateĒ. Cindy is NOT coming to the first, second or fortieth session.

On the referral website, they list the areas of expertise for this particular counselor. This particular counselor has a multitude of certificates & qualifications. Some seem relevant to what I might need, so this is good. Ultimately, itís going to come down to how comfortable Iíll feel communicating with her and how much and what kind of help sheís really qualified to offer. Maybe this will turn into a referral to another specialist. No clue. I just need to give this a try and see how it feels. Going to Al Anon the first time was difficult, this will be no different, Iím sure. Maybe having the Al Anon background will help.

Was Gary the sadistic bastard ever in rare form this morning! This class did not follow the sweat timing theory I mentioned in a previous post. Not even close. This morning, the first bead of sweat didnít break free until 15 (FIFTEEN) minutes into the class. Then all hell broke loose. I donít know if he planned it that way or if thatís just how it worked out (heís a sadist Ė it was all planned, Iím sure), but wow, what a burn this morning! None of that paddling like a duck stuff. Of course, the resistance on the bike is only set where ever you want it to be, but you tend to try to follow their suggestions as to how hard you ought to be working. Thereís even a number scale that references which muscle groups you ought to feel engaged at each exertion level. I sit too far away from the chart to read it with out my specs, so I kinda go by my own anyhow. Itís all subjective, and you get out of the class what ever you want. Me? I want that sweat to hit the hem of my nasty cotton t-shirt. I aim for a solid sheet of sweat from collar to hip. Makes it feel SO good when you get to take it off.

Going to be a quiet weekend. Zach is headed off to a buddyís parents cottage for a weekend of getting stoooopid and eating too many burgers, Eric is off to Kellyís (girlfriend) place over towards Syracuse to attend her dadís bíday party and Jill is scooting off to her parents house as soon as she gets out of work Saturday afternoon. That leaves Cindy & I to hold down the fort all weekend.

Went and checked the bank accounts to go do a little bill paying. I noticed an atm transaction for a little cash. Guess Cindy is planning on stocking up for the weekend. With her loaded for bear, I guarantee thereís a 4 or 5 hour bike ride this weekend, someplace, somehow. This is my current favorite. It only shows the first 2/3 or ĺ of the loop, but if you put any more than that on one map, the resolution in the elevation charts goes all kaflooey. Add in the last part (Last Part Perry Loop Ė very imaginative naming) and the route totals 84 or so miles (5 hours), with options to trim it by 20 or so (down to 4ish hours). But I really, really want to try that hill that shows up between 30 & 35 miles and that means going all the way to Perry. Plus, that ride from Perry, to Leicester looks like a blast. 7 miles shedding 900 feet of elevation? Thatís about a 2.5% downhill grade. Nice easy pedaling, just what you need 45 miles into a nice long ride. That will be the sweetest 20 minutes of the whole ride. Of course, after that is the climb out of the Genesee River Valley, but after the climb into Perry, thatíll be a piece of cake. Thatís the same hill that was such a sweetheart on the Tour de Cure ride! Funny the perspective a little experience adds.

Well, I better go order UPSís to evaluate. Man, the excitement around here, itís gonna kill me.

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