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Waiting . . .
2007-08-17, 4:01 p.m.

Day 1090 Waiting . . .

Iím thinking Cindy just didnít recognize my cell phone number on the caller ID when I called last night. After getting home things were just as chilly as ever. Ah well. Iíll maintain my veneer of politeness. If she acts out, Iíll have to remember to engage the brain before I let the clutch out on the tongue. The longer this goes on, the less I want to try and fix anything. Those little glimmers of hope fade faster & faster.

On to better things.

Waiting for vendors to call. That sucks. I dislike dealing with sales people in general, but Iím in a position here at the zoo where I need to play happy face with the sales people in order to get through to the tech folks that can answer my questions. We have a need for a new device in our equipment, and Iím trying to climb the learning curve in order to learn how to specify precisely what I need.

Combine this with the fact that my outfit doesnít want to have to handle this new thing, just spec it to our customers, have them go get it and include it in the site installation specifications. We also donít want the service and warranty hassles, which leaves opportunities for the sales persons crew to come in and do all that Ė at a profit, of course. But the sales people have a business model in their head, my management has a different business model, and out commodity manager and I get to try and negotiate the differences while protecting our own bottom(s) and the corporate bottom line. The only fun part? Weíll be pitting 3 vendors against one another. Sometimes itís like watching sharks in a feeding frenzy. The only thing thatís more fun is holding an on-line auction for parts bids. We tend to do it at lunch time, and watch the bids come in as our afternoons entertainment. Itís incredible how cut throat business can be Ė especially when you let them.

Gary the Sadistic Bastard did not disappoint this morning. My legs are thoroughly torched. Glutes, calves & quads Ė everything feels like lead. Sprints on the flats, sprints uphill, monstrous climbs, slogging through a muddy, boggy field, more sprints then a final 7 minute climb where I literally had to stand on the pedals to move them at all. Sweetness!! It was going so good, I had to refill my 24 oz water bottle 25 minutes into the class. Drained that one too. So now I have 3 lbs of water coursing through my veins, being chased by 3 cups of high octane coffee. Some of that water will replace what I left on the spinning studio floor, but the rest? Well, what goes in must come out. The next sprints I do will be towards the rest rooms.

Tomorrow is race day. Hope the beating the crap out of the legs theory works. Most sane folks like to taper down to a race, even take the day before off. But geeze, this is only 3 miles!! The winner? Only gets $100, not a million, and I wonít be close enough to worry about it. Besides, I canít hang around for the awards ceremony anyhow. I got a kid to move right after the race. Makes perfect sense, right? Beat the hell out of your legs at the gym, go run a race, then move furniture up & down stairs all day. I will sleep like a baby Saturday night. While my oldest son starts to establish himself in the world. He's also offered his place as a refuge in times of need - and Jill has agreed. Somehow, I don't think it'll be necessary. In the event of a storm, I've got alternate ports.

Kinda bummed. No shrink session today. Can you believe it? My shrink has her own personal life and needs to take vacation every now and then!! Good for her. Maybe next time sheíll take me along. At least itís giving me time to read some more of that book. Getting into the meaty parts now Ė where she starts introducing methods & tools for dealing with the krayzee. There will be much orange highlighting happening over the next several days.

Kinda bummed some more. It just occurred to me that our annual work golf outing (with 95 of my bestest work buddies) is Sept. 14th. Shotgun start at 1pm. Itís a 4 man (person) scramble, so it SHOULD go pretty fast. Unfortunately, historically this event takes 5+ hours just for the golf, then thereís dinner, drinks, awards, and the tip toeing through the mine fields of ass kissing going on. Thatís another 2 Ė 3 hours. That would mean it wraps up in the 8 Ė 8:30 time frame. Maybe 6pm for golf only. The problem? Thatís the first night of the Al Anon assembly in Syracuse that I just signed up for. I had planned on being in the ĎCuse by 6pm, checked into the hotel and hitting up the first time GR seminar at 7. I will have to break it gently to my foursome Ė a foursome that has been together for the last 7 years now. This sucks. Takes me completely out of the running for longest drive (looking for my 4th win), but it does save my liver the awful task of filtering out all that Jack Daniels we typically consume through out the course of the day. Skip the JD & golf for an Al Anon convention. Thatís irony in action. Iím going make plans for alternate forms of entertainment that donít include the adult channels on the hotel TV. I hear they have a gym and a pool. No need to miss a workout. Just need to know the hours. Hope they open early, or at least never lock the gym doors. Not like I need a life guard to beat up a treadmill.

More vendors calling. Better run.

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