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2007-08-21, 4:37 p.m.

Day 1094

No gym the last 2 mornings. Being a lazy bum. Haven’t been too successful at working up the gumption to go. Monday was just blah, too ragged out from the weekend. This morning should have been a run, but was blah instead. Tomorrow is spin class, then a seminar downtown. Maybe I’ll have the get up & go tomorrow. Might be spin only as the seminar starts at 8am. At least it’ll be something. Thursday should be good – don’t have to have Eric in Fredonia till noon, won’t have to leave till 10 at the earliest. Can sleep in and still get in a good sweat. Win/win.

Some random event from Saturday’s move popped into my head. We were setting up the bed frame in Z & J’s bedroom. Something was said about a stand to put the tv on in the bedroom. Jill’s dad looks at Zach and asks him, “You’re 23 years old, what on earth do you need a TV in the bedroom for? That’s for when you’re 50!!”

Well! If the kids had been married, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But coming from the dad of a 22 yr old (I guess girl isn’t quite right, is it?) woman, I – well, maybe he’s got a pretty good grip in the situation. They are adults, I was very pro premarital sex when I was that age, I’m not surprised by it, but I’d have thought the girls dad would take a more conservative position. Guess not. It doesn’t change a thing between anybody – it’s just that Greg has a much healthier attitude about it all than I expected.

Speaking of the kids, I went with them Sunday night to look at a used washer/dryer pair. $150 for the set. Oh my. The washer said extra large capacity or something, but I think 2 pair of pants, a couple of shirts and 4 socks would have over filled it. The lady selling them? A little too eager. We felt lucky being able to extricate ourselves without hurting anyone’s feelings, or getting stuck with a washer fit for doing doll clothes.

Kids decided that perhaps going to Se@rs and getting a modest, entry level set would be prudent. Might cost a few hundred more, but there’s the warranty, knowing they’re new, and not having to deal with the whole private sale thing. Jill picked out a set yesterday that will be delivered this week. My electric bill will be thrilled. The workload on our dryer just got reduced by 60% this week alone. That’s a whole lotta kilowatt hours saved. The local gas & electric folks will have to cut back on their Caribbean vacations this year I’m afraid. Provided any of the Caribbean is left after this hurricane season.

Cindy disappeared last night. Only temporarily. Her absence seemed to coincide with an AA meeting down the road a piece, but per her norm, she made no mention of going – she just leaves. I was doing dinner dishes, figured the people door to the garage activity was her going out for a smoke. When her smoke lasted more than 20 minutes and I didn’t see her on the patio or front walk (The Riviera), I asked Eric if he had a clue. His response? “Nope. Maybe she hit up a meeting?” Of course, in the past, when I tried to just slink out to a meeting, I’d get read the riot act upon my return. Should Cindy pull this again, I think I’ll try to gently remind her how much she liked people just leaving unannounced. Could she see her way clear to at least letting me know when she’ll be back? I’ll just leave it at that. If she can’t abide by that? Just more fuel for the fire.

Speaking of meetings, it’s a meeting night tonight. Think I’ll try and drag this meeting’s participants into the present. As Group Rep, I currently get a snail mail copy of the monthly newsletter for the northern portion of our state. It costs about $12 a year to produce & mail, while subscription rates are only $7.50. Basically it costs the organization $4.50 per annual subscription to send this stuff out. In the last hardcopy edition I got, there was an invitation to go electronic. So I did. Got my first issue yesterday, and saved the editor the cost of copying and mailing my hardcopy version – and I got it 2 or 3 days sooner. There’s also an open invitation for other members to get the electronic version of the monthly newsletter for free – with no subscription cost. I’ll be taking requests tonight.

I need to re-scan the newsletter too, in the event there was something more news worthy to report. I know they included some schedule info on the Assembly that’s happening next month. I’ve been asking for some sort of itinerary so I would know when & where to show up. I don’t think my asking got it put in the newsletter, but it is a happy coincidence. I’ll take it. As it turns out, I need to be there at 8am Saturday, registered and ready to roll. The assembly hotel is a 1.5 – 2 hour drive from home. Glad I decided to go Friday night. Also glad I got my own room. Now I can get there Friday night, register, do a bit of meet & greet, then retire to my room, strip down to something comfy (like nuthin) and watch sports center all night. I just hope the gals I know from the other groups aren’t hell bent on making sure I stay entertained. I’m sure they’ll have better things to do . . . With any luck, the gym will be open early (6 ish) and I can get in a nice run before the meetings start in earnest.

Hmmm – seem to have successfully copied a design container and created a new project over on that unix box. Will wonders never cease? Now I have more work to do. One of the porters just stopped by with a new UPS to beat up too. San Diego to Rochester in 1 day. These guys are hot to trot for a sale, eh?

This just in from the local business journal:

That’s Zach in the upper right photo. Not a good picture, but it’s copied out of a weekly business journal, blown up and re-copied. Surprised he still looks human after all that. We’ve been waiting to see that little notice in the local paper. They had traditionally run a “who’s gone where” page in Monday’s edition, and we’ve been waiting & waiting for it to show. Recently I noticed the same section running in Sunday’s business section too. It’s completely possible the announcement for Zach ran weeks ago and we never saw it. Funny thing is, it’s that particular section of the paper (on Monday’s) where I first learned of the outfit where he now works. I had just scanned the page and noticed “Environmental Design . . .” (and noticed a rather striking blond they hired) and thought “hmmm, Zach would fit there”. He had a resume there inside of a week, interviewed twice and got the job a month or so after they showed up in the paper. Now the cycle starts again.

Did some more ‘homework’ for my head shrinking session Friday. Mostly thinking & writing, going back & re-reading, then re-writing. I don’t delete what I wrote the first time, just add to it. I want to keep the originals so I have some record of where my head has been.

Wondering if I should go home for dinner or stay here & work some, then go straight to the meeting. There’s benefits to both. Going home could generate some good will. Staying at work would help offset the short work week and help me catch up. Probably better to try and create some good will at home.

So off to home I go.

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