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Just Another Night Like Any Other
2007-08-29, 12:26 p.m.

Day 1102

Last night went pretty much how I expected. While talking with Cindy in the phone, during her manic gabbing phase, she asked me when I expected to be home. No doubt so she had time to stash her hooch and make an attempt to look like sheíd been drinking ice water the whole time. Right.

Turns out she also called Zach during her manic gabbing phase. Told him about her having to chaperone soccer games for the next 4 nights from 4 till 9:30 or so. (Yeah for school soccer tournaments!! I get peace & quiet! And something else too, right Circe?) She was running on about a bunch of other stuff too, but Zach got into ďappropriate grunts & nods modeĒ as soon as he figured out Cindy was schnockered. Thatíd be about 15 seconds into the call Iíd guess, judging from what little Zach remembers of the call.

Dinner plans? The salmon loaf casserole thing degraded into leftovers. Thatís fine, but itís just another example of how priorities shift. Leftovers mean no cooking, no thinking, nothing to interfere with the next drink. At least now I know Iím on my own for dinner the next 4 nights. Anybody want to come over? Iíll whip up something nice. Itís been warm here (upper 80ís, how terrible, I know!!) so itís likely to be salad based. Plus, like I said earlier, my weight needs to be 180 something, not 190 something, so weíre shrinking serving sizes for a while and avoiding anything that involves peanuts. Bummer.

Want to know the latest crazy idea? My YMCA is starting a triathlon training class in January. Starts out at 2 days a week. The end goal will be to compete in a triathlon at our facility. I know it involves swimming, running & biking, but I donít know distances. Theyíre talking about indoor swimming & biking and an outdoor run. Now, I donít mind swimming indoors, but using a stationary bike for a triathlon? Ummmm Ė no. Whoís to set the resistance levels? What if thereís more racers than bikes Ė a very real possibility? Maybe I heard wrong. This whole idea is in itís infancy, so Iím sure more & better details will be released. Soon I hope. But the idea of a triathlon is intriguing. I may just give it a whack. Itíll be good training for the next Diabetes ride too. It might even be a good set up for a Ĺ marathon here in Rochester next year (2nd weekend of September usually). The full marathon is a little extreme.

Besides, I still want to circumnavigate Lake Ontario sometime soon. G00gle map Lake Ontario. Zoom in on the west side of Rochester. See that little tiny stub of an expressway labeled 204? Iím pretty close to the southeastern end of that. Then zoom out and take in the lake. Itís roughly a 600 mile trip, involves lots of camping in state & provincial parks, and takes from 3 days (insane) to 10 days (leisurely), depending on your get up & go. Sounds like a blast, right? Of course, youíre all invited. Thereís a guide book (or 3) dedicated to the trip Ė it ought to be an excellent reference. Itíll be on my Christmas wish list, for sure. Once I find it.

Considering my at home company last night - I left for my meeting a wee bit early - like an hour early. Only had a so-so meeting. Had some new folks stopping in to check out what weíre all about. My sponsor thatís not really my sponsor asked how I was doing. I gave her the abridged Readers Digest version Ė how Iím trying to leave Cindy room to either get better or fail miserably - her choice, and the frustration, lack of trust, isolation (of Cindy, not me) getting the kids to leave her room, all that crap. Sheís been there, she knows.

Ah well.

No news from the college student. Guess this means that everything is going well, because if he had a problem, heíd be sure to call home. Plus heís practically cohabitating with his girlfriend Ė so why call home? Everything he needs for the next few months is within easy reach. Weíll hear from him soon enough Ė probably right after he gets his tickets to a Detroit Redwings game. He is soooo stoked about going Ė itís almost all he talked about the last couple weeks he was home.

Think Iím running out of stuff to bitch about today, so I may as well sign off and get back to work. After all, there are bills to pay still.

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