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Tell me again, why do I like bowling?
2007-09-07, 1:00 p.m.

Day 1111

Cool day number, eh?

Lordy. Some days, you just gotta wonder. Like, wonder what it is about bowling that I actually like? Certainly wasn’t the scores last night. As a team we did great. Took all 8 points, so we get to start in 1st place. Woo hoo!! We only did well because brother #3 (Dave) bowled like a demon (normal for him) and the other team sucked harder than Ken & I did. In my defense, I had 5 opens all night, and 4 of them were splits. Just could not get the strikes going. Never did put two in a row even.

My excuse? New shoes. The heels are still really sticky and I end up stopping rather abruptly in my slide. That just hoses the whole smooth arm swing deal. It’s pretty much down hill from there. I tried sliding more on my toes, but that requires too much thought, right at the time you want to be thinking about driving your hand up & through the ball. Something’s gotta give – and it’s usually both. As the night wore on, the shoes calmed down a bit, but they’ll still need more breaking in.

Guess what Cindy did while I was bowling? If you guessed, “consumed indeterminate amounts of ethyl alcohol” you win a free empty 200ml flask of your favorite Canadian Whiskey, emptied personally by Cindy. Quantities are apparently not limited, so take your time ordering.

Any wonder I didn’t want to go straight home after bowling?

Spin class this morning. Ugh. Don’t think it was Gary’s fault, I just had no zip. Seemed like I had to keep the resistance about a full turn lower on all the drills this morning. Just had no drive in the legs at all, especially early in the class. As class wore on, the legs did seem to wake up a bit. A second hour may have been interesting, but that first hour was draining. Went through a whole quart of water and could have used more. Might have been due to the bowling last night. That takes more out of your legs than you’d think. Can you believe it? Not in shape for bowling. Sad, sad, sad.

Cindy called me in her cognitively diminished state about an hour after bowling was done. (At least she wasn’t interrupting anything – stayed shooting the breeze with the bowling crew.) Wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. Ended up having her call Applebee’s. Realizing her condition, I figured it was going to be somewhat of an adventure. Gotta say – she got my order mostly right. Only forgot the “grilled” chicken part, rather than the breaded, fried variety.

Firming up plans for the Al Anon assembly in Syracuse next week. Looks like I’m outta here Friday afternoon, will spend Friday evening at some “new GR” seminars, then dive into the assembly proper bright & early Saturday morning. Spend the entire day listening to the organization’s status, issues & plans for the future. Get to vote on some stuff (budgets, committee formations, etc.) eat pizza for lunch and really pig out for dinner. Probably schmooze with the other delegates Saturday night, head back to my (private) room, watch sports center or a movie and pass out till Sunday morning. There’s a few agenda items left for Sunday morning, then it’s check out & drive home. Exciting weekend coming up next week, don’t you think? Bet you all wish you were me. (Word grammar police asks that I use “I” instead of “me” at the end of that, but it just doesn’t sound right.)

Uhhhhhhhh – This weekend promises to be fun too. Have to finish the indoor trim on those spankin new windows in Zach’s former room. Then there’s the priming of the window frames. Also plan to re-paint the ceiling. Painted it years ago and learned one important thing about doing ceilings. You have to always add new paint to a wet edge. That is to say you can’t overlap paint that’s already dried. Makes it look really weird, almost like it’s a different color. Whiter, if that’s possible. Anyhow, it’s been bugging me for years, so I’m going to take the time to correct it. Plus it’ll probably help re-sale value. Lately, that seems to be a concern.

Weather here lately has been not very Septemberish. Over 90 yesterday & humid (THAT’s why I bowled poorly – not cold enough outside!!). Today at noon it’s already 90+ and headed for 95. Uhhh – Mother Nature? It’s September here. How about some highs in the 70’s? Evenings in the 50’s would be sweet too. Until October. If you need to, email me for details on October’s weather desires.

I gotta go work. Need to get the lead out of my boards.

ps (again) - Who's the semi-long time reader checking in from the Texas Legislative Council in Austin? (Or just using them as an ISP?) Drop me a line & say hi wouldja? I'm not weirded out or anything, (unless you're going to sic Cordell Walker on me) just curious. Maybe we’ve already met (virtually that is), and I just didn’t know you were from that neighborhood. Also – I won’t blow you in to your boss. I mean, when do you think I read all the blogs I frequent, hmmmm? (Don’t tell my boss, ok?)

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