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Back to the Gym, Finally
2007-09-19, 5:03 p.m.

Day 1123

Seems like it’s been forever. Finally got back to the gym & spin classes this morning. I think the last time I was actually in a spin class was last Monday, something like 9 or 10 days ago. It’s true, I rode my bike to work a couple of those days and I was out of town for a couple (oh, I exercised there, trust me on that one), but those other days? Best described as slug-like, unmotivated and just plain blah.

Doesn’t help that Patty isn’t instructing anymore either. After 18 years of teaching spin classes (through 2 pregnancies no less!!), she’s decided to get a life and drop the Wednesday morning classes. Good for her! This leaves Wednesday mornings to Maria, an accomplished tri-athlete and all around good egg. Good instructor too, she’s just not as willing to share humiliating stories about her personal life to cover the quiet times in class. Patty? Would tell you ANYTHING. PG-13, family rated stuff, but often self deprecating and funny as hell. Come winter I’ll have to make a point to hit up her Sunday class just for the humor. And the workout. Yeah, that too.

So - Maria’s class. Did some sort of circuit thing today. Jumps for about 2 minutes (slightly increased resistance, pedal sitting for 4 counts, stand & pedal for 4 counts, sit, stand, sit stand, repeat till you puke), alternated small rolling hills and sprints in 30 second intervals for about 6 minutes total, than a long sustained climb. Long as in done to “Hotel California”. Then you go back and repeat the circuit. Twice. Chase that with some nice long 30 second sprint intervals (4x) then a cool down. Yummy.

Now, I just gotta get myself talked back into lifting weights again. The last half of August and first half of September have been horribly lazy with respect to weight training – as in I haven’t lifted an ounce since 8/17. Terrible. Will probably have to dial things back a bit to re-start. But it’s not like I haven’t been getting workouts in other venues . . .

The talk Cindy & Zach had was brief, non-animated and pretty much inaudible/invisible to me. Zach was making no big deal out of it, but he is clearly tired of dealing with his mom when she’s under the influence. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall during their talk, but had to just let it be. I’m still curious though.

Did my Al Anon meeting last night. Got through about ½ of my report on the assembly. I’ll do the other half next week and wrap things up. At the assembly, each group usually brings in a basket full of goodies. The goodies usually follow some sort of theme – either related to the theme of the Assembly, or maybe a favorite theme of the group. The baskets are raffled off in a fundraiser for the state level of the organization. My group did one related to cooking. I kicked in a Food & Wine cookbook to cover the cooking part of our theme. The assemble theme was “There’s no place like Al Anon” and I felt it was mandatory that there be some sort of ruby slippers associated with the basket. The Friday of the assembly, I spent some time at lunch at the local Tarjay, figuring they ought to specialize in anything red. Well, I got lucky. Found a pair of young girls ballet slippers, kids size 7 all done up in red sequins. Perfect. Only set me back $10 too. Best part was we had the only basket there with the red slippers. Hah!! Thought up by a guy no less – who apparently has no qualms with his masculinity. How the heck else would I let myself get seen shopping for girls slippers at Tarjay? I suppose I COULD have a daughter that age, but I know better. Lets just agree that I’m comfy with my masculinity, mmmkay?

Here’s a phone cam shot of our basket:

So – these “raffle baskets”. $5 will get you get 12 tickets. Drop a ticket into the bag that corresponds to a basket you have the hots for. The organizers draw a ticket out of the bag o’interested parties and post the winning numbers. Sure enough, no doubt due to some new GR mojo, I won a basket. Complete fixings for a dinner, minus the actual meat. Got garlic mashed taters, pickles, ingredients to make key lime pie, cheese cake & jello, banana bread, oven mitts, hot mats, salt & pepper shakers, and table decorations. Neat idea, but not my first choice. Still – we have a basket to use for the Spring Convention now. Super sweet deal there. The one I won is wicker, about 15” x 15” base and another 18 inches tall. Seems kinda big to me. Be glad to donate it to the cause.

Oh – The Bob’s Dr. appt. I feel somewhat vindicated in that both the optician (dude that fits glasses to your head) and Bob’s Dr. feel that the sores he has are not due to his glasses. First, they aren’t where his glasses frames contact his skin, and there is no sign of corrosion or pitting on the metal of the frames. That’s the good news. I appear to have been right about that. The bad news is that we were right in suspecting that those sores were possibly skin cancer. Now we have a referral to a dermatologist and a follow up visit with the GP in 2 weeks. Bob’s had suspicious moles before and they’ve just lasered or frozen them off. These seem a little different, so we’ll have to see what the dermatologist has to say. It’s not an “Omigod, he’s gonna die in 6 months” kind of thing, but messing with cancers is never fun. Besides, I’m REALLY not ready to do the whole executor/health care proxy thing yet.

Cindy appears to be trying the AA thing, I appear to be waiting for her to slip so I can say “Aha! You screwed up, I’m outta here.” That’s so not fair, but I almost can’t help myself. It’s been a little surprising though. Since last Thursday night when I again declared my boundary – I am not putting up with having to deal with a drunk spouse at home any more – she’s been better. Even her asshole attitude has disappeared. She may believe I’m ready to walk if she goes on another bender. A slip I could tolerate, but any more 2 – 3 day excursions, or even one really nasty one day event? I think I could disappear for a night or two very easily. Very easily.

Man, I got nothing else. Time to cut & run I guess. Wonder what’s waiting at home tonight?
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