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2007-09-20, 4:24 p.m.

Day 1124

Got in more gym work today. Till finding it difficult to get to the gym early on non-spinning days, but at least I got there. Two whole days in a row. Only ran a couple of miles, but also got in an additional 20 minutes on the upright stationary bike. Twenty grueling, Alpine Pass climbing minutes. My legs feel great, thanks for asking.

Bowling coming up tonight too. Last week I did 30 pins better than the week before. This week? Another 30 pin improvement would be nice. Beginning of the season is always a little hit or miss. Need to get back into the correct mindset. Need to throw slower. Much s_l_o_w_e_r. Know what happens then? The ball hooks more. Makes for a better entry angle into the pocket, often resulting in more strikes. That, my friends, is the whole freakin idea!! More strikes! I hate it when the theories are so easy. Itís the actual practice thatís hard. I canít throw the ball slow. Easily. Itís not my bodyís natural speed. I will just have to crank up my natural stubbornness and learn how. Period.

Today (9/20) is Jillís birthday. 23 whole years old. Jill being Zachís gf/fiancť. Well, not fiancť officially, but the ring is already picked out, itís just a matter of delivery. Jill thinks Christmas, Zach thinks Thanksgiving. Iím just playing along. The fact that these two are getting married is a foregone conclusion. No surprise left at all, axcept for when the question will officially be popped. And yes Circe, Zach will be asking Jillís parents (as in BOTH of them, not just her dad) for their permission. Old fashioned with a nod to the ERA Ė as there should be. Besides, thereís no doubt that Jillís mom runs that ship. Her dad? Heís happy enough to let her take the lead, as long as he gets his toys and is left time to play with them. (He gives me a serious case of tool envy.)

Outside of that? Allís quiet on the eastern front (since most folks that read here are west of me . . . ) Cindy has 4+ sober days under her belt. Tonight will be a bit of a test. She doesnít fare too well on bowling nights for some reason. Hope she manages to hang on. I still have that feeling that Iím sitting here waiting for her to screw up so I can use that as an excuse to pull the plug. Can I really be that done with it? I keep looking inside for some little spark, a reason to want to keep going. Iím starting to feel like itís a case of ďIím sorry, Iím just not that into you any moreĒ. Pretty lame sentiment.

Iím watching work progress on another monitor. I thought I was updating the title block on a 39 page schematic. Seeing what the beastie over there is doing has me concerned. Itís going through a whole lot of gyrations for updating the title block 39 times. It loks like itís checking every item on every page. Thereís thousands, if not tens of thousands of items to check. It also doesnít seem to be doing the pages in order, so thereís no way to know where in the process it is. Unfortunately, once the script starts, thereís no stopping it. Hope the IT boys have a back up on that server from yesterday. I may be needing it.

When the title block is updated (maybe?) I still have to convert the whole mess to pdfís, zip them all and get them to the operations manager for release.

Oops Ė I found a progress meter. Working on sheet 32 of 40. Man, this could be traumatic.

Speaking of traumatic. Just got an internal email. Subject line was ďsad newsĒ. Last night, a female member of our software team, Ann, lost her daughter. Her daughter, for some reason, came to stay with Ann last night. Not sure if she lives out of town, if sheís married, has kids or what. Regardless, at the ripe old age of 28, Annís daughter passed away in her sleep last night. Donít know any more than that. For the record? Thatís pretty messed up. Ann, at 50 something, is one of the nicest software geeks you could hope to know. Certainly puts things in perspective.

Like that problem I thought I was going to have with that title block update? I dove directly back into the tool to see how the sheets looked. I died a little when I first saw things. Checked a few pages, died a little more. Nearly in a panic, I closed out of the tool and didnít save any changes. Then re-started the tool, opened the schematic again and saw everything just as I imagined it would be. On every page I checked. Those little mini-deaths (isnít that the translation for orgasm Ė little death?) Ė all for nothing.

Ran that pdf tool and emailed those freakin schematics before they had time to change again.

Survivor tonight. For the record, in our office pool, I picked Chicken. No clue why. This is what, the umpteenth iteration of this show? I think the only one I never got into was the Africa one. Saw almost every episode of every other season. Itís all a big huge jumble in my head, taking up valuable brain bandwidth. But I canít help but be attracted to it again, moth to a flame. What a sad waste of brain cells.

Time to go. Bowling awaits. Iíve also got to remember to mutter a quick prayer for Ann and her family. Just in case.

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