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Survivor Ends!!
2007-09-21, 3:44 p.m.

Day 1125

Well, looks like Chicken was shit. Due to some ‘obligations’ I didn’t see very much of last nights episode. I did catch a bit of the immunity challenge and the tribal council. Just enough to see that the dude I picked in the office pool was the first one out. Guess that’s pretty cool. Now I can watch the rest of the season and not sweat if my pick is going to make it or not.

Bowling. Oh lordy. What a night. 5 splits in the first game – only one of them was a really bad shot. Second game – 10 straight beeeyoootiful shots to the pocket, yielded all of 5 strikes, 2 splits and 3 just plain unlucky single pin leaves. Third game? (yes, I hung around for the third). Third game was just like the second, but no splits for a change. As a team we did all right, splitting to win 4 and lose 4. (Each game is worth 2 points, and totals are worth 2) Lost the first game by 6, won the second by 12, lost the third by 3 but hung on to win totals by 3. Very, very close matches all night. Makes it fun, even if you bowl like crap.

In a very surprising move, Cindy had dinner ready at 7:15 last night. That might be the first time in almost 3 years of Thursday night bowling she’s done that. Caught me off guard when I strolled in at 8:15. Actually made me feel bad I was late. It wasn’t a gourmet meal or anything, just meatloaf with roasted sweet potatoes & Brussels sprouts. Little bit of
Dinosaur BBQ
Devils Duel Habanero sauce on the loaf and I’m in heaven. (I also loves me some roasted sprouts. Very sweet & tender. I’ll leave the recipe at the end.)

Tonight. Oh, tonight. Cindy should have a meeting at 7:30 and then head from there to the homecoming dance to chaperone. That leaves me untended from 7ish till 11:30ish and I will be challenged to stay out of trouble. I think I’ll just go see a movie that I wouldn’t normally get to see with Cindy – gruesome horror, action flick, maybe one of those new terrorism based movies. No chick flick, nothing artsy, nothing to make me think. Think about the movie, that is.

Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Speaking of artsy. I’m on a notification list from Ticketmaster for any plays, musicals, concerts, even sporting events that are taking place in the area. I get an email once a month or so that highlights area events like that. Because of these notices, I got early tickets to see “Lion King” (spectacular), “Riverdance” (impressive), “Annie” (way better than I though it’d be – the kids were fantastic) and even the Monty Python thing (basically “The Holy Grail” but I don’t recall the real title of the show). Yesterday I got this notice that the “Trans Siberian Orchestra” was going to be in town on December 29 and I could get advance tickets. So I did. Only a pair, but I got the best seats I could. The timing couldn’t be any better. Gets some Christmas shopping out of the way early. The way Ticketmaster works it, they’ll snail mail the tickets to me a minimum of 2 days before the show. I’m hoping they show up before Christmas, then I can include them in a deceptively wrapped and weighted package. If not – I’ll just include a flyer for the show or something. Might also have to do a little more shopping too. But it is nice to have at least one thing checked off in September.

Just got an email from our department secretary. Looks like there’s a booby prize for picking the fastest loser in Survivor. Got a certificate for a free lunch in our cafeteria – up to a $10 value. That’ll do me fine. Bowl of soup, big heaping bowl of salad, a thing of skim milk and I’ll top it off with bags of Frito’s to get to $10+. The Frito’s I can store in my desk and save them for a snowy day this winter. In case we get snowed in here at the zoo. Don’t laugh – it’s happened.

For that matter, maybe I’ll take apples instead. Screw preparing for winter – let the squirrels do that. I can probably get more weight in apples than Fritos, and the apples are so much better diet wise.

Don’t know if I want to go here. The Ms CL place. So maybe I won’t. I wrote out quite a bit, but cut it and saved it elsewhere. Let it suffice to say I have a dilemma. At times, it makes me want to just lie down and cry. Not very manly, is it? I feel paralyzed, and am just stumbling along, trying to maintain the status quo while being pulled in too many directions. Somebody is going to get hurt. Why did I let myself get to this place? I was a needy SOB that was looking to get an itch scratched. My, doesn’t THAT feel better? Idjit.

You do NOT want to know my schedule for tonight. Talk about being pulled. Of course, I’m letting it happen. Idjit. Man, I wish, I wish, I wish. I started going to this therapist because I thought Cindy’s drinking was driving me to distraction. Now, Cindy appears to be working at sobriety, and I have something else driving me to distraction. Just can’t be happy, can I?

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