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This Title Stuff is a Pain
2007-10-12, 4:21 p.m.

Day 1146

Seriously. Titles every damn day? Gah.

Bowling last night was awesome. Everybody on our team bowled over their average. One game we were all in synch and tossed a 729 as a team (3 guys – that’s a 243 average). For the night we set new season high for team scratch game & series and team handicap game & series. The poor team we bowled against didn’t bowl bad, but it didn’t much matter. We pretty much smoked them. Took all the points, so our 5th place in the standings ought to improve some. We’re kinda at the top of a log jam in the middle of the standings (one weeks worth of points separates 5th from 15th!!), so taking 8 points last night should help to gain some separation and keep us with the upper tier. We hope. Best part was the team we bowled against are just a fun bunch of guys. We had a blast BS-ing each other all night long. Too bad everything said had to be taken in context – there was some really funny shit being said.

It’s good to be able to relax like that every now & again.

At home? Well there was stuff going on while I was bowling. Zach was gone by the time I got there. I waited till later in the evening after Cindy went up to bed and asked Eric what the ‘talk’ earlier in the evening was about. From what he said, it was just Cindy apologizing for everything. I didn’t go into the hairy details, but it sounds like it was a 12 step progress kind of thing she wanted to do. I hope she comes to understand that making amends isn’t just saying “I’m sorry” –changing the behavior that caused the strife is what making amends is about. Making sure (at least trying) that the mistake doesn’t happen again. (Kinda talking out of the side of my mouth here – I have amends to make myself, to a lot of people, someday soon. I just need to settle to whom and for what)

Anyhow – there were apparently no slanderous remarks, no politicking. Looks like it turned out to be as harmless as possible. That’s a good thing, but it only confuses the issue more for me. Cindy was actually almost civil last night. Instead of my being invisible, it’s like she could almost see me, even answered direct questions and offered up pertinent additional information on the subjects.

Case in point would be her dad’s doctor visit yesterday. The lesions he’s had on his head (4 of them as it turns out) are NOT caused by his glasses (I feel vindicated, but he’s already forgotten I was right all along), but instead are potentially cancerous. He had them all frozen or lasered or cut or some how removed. Now the poor guy looks like he dressed for Halloween a few weeks early. They’re going to do biopsies on the tissue that was removed to confirm it was cancer. Apparently a couple of them looked pretty nasty and may require further excavation. Sucks to be The Bob about now. He’s supposed to keep the bandages on & dry for 24 – 48 hours, then do a dressing change and coat the wounds with Neosporin or something. Apparently Cindy is going over to do that after work today, then heading to her meeting. All that information was volunteered after I asked “How did your Dad’s appointment go?”. Amazing.

I still slept in the ‘new’ guest bedroom last night, seeing as I haven’t been invited back to my former sleeping quarters. Beat the hell out of sleeping on that Aerobed though. Know what else? I don’t mind not having a TV going either. In fact, I rather like not having the damn thing on. Makes it darker, quieter – more conducive to sleep. Go figure.

Buckled down and hit the Y this morning for spin class too. Gary the Sadistic Bastard was in rare form. Said he woke up wanting to hear a lot of blues this morning, and nothing goes with the blues like lots of hill climbing. Charging , sprinting , attacking, I think he ran out of adjectives to use got “get up the damn hill already”. At least we didn’t have to climb to the long version of “Freebird” like Maria made us do Wednesday. Lordy – a 10 minute sustained climb is bordering on torture.

Of course, if you’re out in the real world pedaling along and hit an incline that’s say, a mile long (pretty long here in the Great Lakes Basin) and you can manage to maintain 10mph, it’ll take you 6 minutes to make the grade. Doing 10mph up long grades like that is pretty challenging too. I know of a couple hills like that in the area, but they’re probably 25 – 30 miles away. If I ever try that ride to Jill’s parents house, there are 3 hills with 1+ mile long ascents. Plus the overall trip is a 1200ft altitude change. Again, that’s pretty decent given out locale.

Ya know, I really got nothing else. Think it’s time to start the weekend. Y’all have a good one.

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