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SSDD More Update, Fewer Details?
2007-11-13, 3:54 p.m.

Day 1177 and 1178

First, Happy Birthday #22 to Eric. He doesn't read this (none of my family does) but I thought y'all should know my baby boy is 22. And bigger than me.

This weeks free association list from

Treadmill :: workout
Stroke :: crawl
Exclusively :: only
Lash :: out
Red carpet:: VIP
Credit card :: evil
Points :: at
Domestic :: tame(d)
21 :: Blackjack!!
Inject :: shot

Had a more or less unspectacular weekend. Spin class Saturday morning. Afterwards, went out to the woods with Zach to do a little maintainence work on our treestands.

Things seemed tense at home with Cindy. She was quiet, barely responsive. Still hadnít really answered my calling her out about the drinking sheís been hiding. I think thatís whatís keeping her so pensive.

In keeping with what our therapist asked us to do, Saturday afternoon we did our date night. IT was my turn again, so I took us to see the Human Body exhibit at the local museum. Very cool exhibit. If it swings through your area and youíre interested in anatomy, biology, or just science in general, itís worth the time and money to see.

Afterwards we went to check out Sticky Lips a local pit BBQ joint that was reputed to be pretty good. It was ok, but not as good as the Dinosaur. I try to get the same things when I check out other bbq joints, so I have some sort of decent comparison. Those same things are: ľ rack of ribs, beef brisket, beans & rice (red or black Ė Iím easy that way), cornbread. Sometimes macaroni salad, depending on how many sides youíre allowed. I thought the ribs were a tad overdone and starting to dry out. The brisket was good, coulod have been a little more tender, but sometimes you just get a tough cow (steer, bull, what ever). Corn bread? Fine. Beans & rice? Sticky Lips did black beans. They were ok Ė nothing to write home about (but apparently writing about them to the internet is acceptable). Service was excellent. I think our waitress sensed that things were a little tense between Cindy and I. She put her ESP or womanís intuition to good use and really did a fine job of making sure we were well taken care of, but also left to sort our shit out. She was well rewarded for her efforts.

Somehow, the over the rest of the weekend things seemed to thaw a bit. Sunday didnít suck. Survived grocery shopping. Went to my momís and moved furniture in preparation for her to get new carpeting installed. Went and watched Zachís roller hockey game. Came home had had a reasonable dinner. I donít know what made the tension fade. Seems itís something in Cindy. She gets into these moods and you just canít penetrate it. I thought my calling her out on hiding her latest round of drinking triggered this latest funk. Still have no answer to that either. She says sheís keeping it (her reply) for our next counseling session, which is Wednesday. Glad itís close. Neither of us has a solo session again till the end of the month, so we need to get as much as we can out of this one.

In spite of how dire I make things sound here, we actually have it pretty good. Thereís rough spots, a slip or three, the odd cross word or little pot shot, but we seem to be getting better about getting over it. Almost makes me optimistic.

Can I also say that I love Cooking Light magazine? Well, I do. Last week 4 dinners were out of the October 2007 issue. Another was a favorite out of an issue from last fall. This week? 3 meals out of the Nov. í07 issue. Last night we had a Southwest Turkey Soup that was only 287 calories per serving (1.5 cups I think Ė I had two servings) and was ready in about an hour. From scratch. Had some more of it for lunch today. Weíve really never had a bad meal when using any of their recipes.

The November issue was kinda tough because theyíre in holiday mode. There are numerous recipes for holiday entertaining foods and not so much on featured meals, but in the very back of the book are reader submissions that theyíve sometimes tweaked a bit to lower fat, sodium, carbs, something.

Better go prepare for my meeting tonight. As GR, Iím supposed to get a 5 minutes block at the start of each meeting to go over new business, remind people about other meetings or gatherings, report on other meetings I go to from up the food chain (District & state level stuff). So, in order to appear organized, I TRY to get something together ahead of time. And now? Is the time to do just that.

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