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More Service Work?
2007-11-16, 3:02 p.m.

Day 1181

First, bowling last night. Youngest bro, K, was 3 pins over his average for the night. Next older bro, D, was exactly on his average for the night. The old guy of the group, me, was a whopping 14 pins over average for the evening. For the record, none of that is anything to write home about. Apparently it’s ok to pester the internets with this kinda crap.

K had his high in the first game, D & I had our higher games in the second and third games. Struck a very nice balance as we ended up taking 6 of 8 points for the night, which should have solidified our tenuous grip on 4th place. After the Thanksgiving break, we come back to bowl the first and third place teams back to back. Those will be some fun weeks.

Second – I have no clue. Oh yeah. Service work, right. First you have to know a little about how Al Anon is structured. There are the groups we show up at for our meetings. Each of those groups has a representative, the GR. The groups are formed into Districts. The district we are in has 10 or so groups. Each District also has a representative, the DR. The districts are organized into state level organizations. In New York’s case, there is an area that encompasses NYC and a few counties north – pretty much that triangular part that sticks down next to Pa. and above NJ. The other area is New York North, which includes the rest of the state. Including us Eskimos up here in the tundra. The DR’s report to the state level organization and also report to the world service organization. Besides showing up at all the assemblies and conventions the GR’s get to go to, they also have 2 or 3 world service meetings a year to attend. Besides holding their own monthly get togethers with the GR’s in their district to disseminate information down from the upper organizations and collect info to feed back up the chain as well.

All that being said – the DR for our local district has kinda gone AWOL. They had to take on a second job, moved in with a sibling, lost their cell phone account, and have basically fallen off the face of the earth. We haven’t had a district meeting since April and were not really represented at the Fall Assembly. (One of the more senior GR’s filled in)

To my knowledge, I have been the noisiest in “wondering what we’re going to do about the DR post”. Noisy to the point of saying that I’d start doing the legwork of tracking down GR contact info and trying to organize an election meeting for a new DR. Now. If you have half a brain (like I do) you can see where this is all heading. In communicating with some of the local Al Anon brass, I’m getting the impression they would love it if someone just stood up and said “I’ll take the job”. That’s how elections for these posts go. If you half-assedly nominate yourself, you’re the winner. No one else will be fool enough to get their neck out there. So being noisy, half assed and half brained (besides having a thick neck) I may be positioning myself to pick up some travel opportunities. Who knows? Maybe I can drag Cindy along to some of the meetings and we can have a grand old time touring the state in the name of Al Anon. Wouldn’t be all bad.

Thirdly – Deer season tomorrow. Got my hunting duds out hanging in the breeze trying to get some of the ‘human’ scent out of them. Zach & I are preparing for an oh dark thirty (that’s military lingo for really freakin early) assault on the local woods (probably along with another skitty eight zillion idjits) looking to fill the freezer with venison.

Keeping that in mind, and knowing I need to stop and get some last minute supplies, I’m gonna keep this short so’s I can scoot out of here and get some shopping done. We still have to hit the woods and secure out tree stands (ie, make them so no one else can easily climb up in them) Gonna be a fun night.

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