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2007-12-10, 11:20 p.m.

Day 1205

Uncle I say!! I have checked all 3 Wegmans (used to be ‘local’ grocer) stores within 4 miles of my house, the local coven of the evil empire, another not so hot kinda local grocer (Tops – owned by Dutch Ahold I think, who also operate Martins & Giant), a Walgrens and a Dollar tree. In not a single one of these fine establishments have I found the elusive chocolate/raspberry swirl chips.

I think I know why.

Here’s ”The Recipe” for those blasted cookie bars as it’s presented it at the Nestles site. It looks identical to the recipe I tried last year except for one, tiny, little thing. Where the new recipe calls for NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels, my old recipe calls for Swirled Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Morsels. Think they changed the recipe because they stopped making the raspberry swirlies? I tried finding them on their web site. Hah! Good luck. If any of you can find a current reference to them, send me a link, mmkay?

Alison – if you can really find them out your way, grab a few bags would you? If you’re successful, let me know and I’ll email you my address and you can make a mercy shipment. You might have to point me to your Amazon wish list in trade though. Otherwise, I’m going to substitute. Maybe Ghirardelli White Chocolate chips, or even Hershey White Chocolate Chips. Seems to me that even last year I had to use Hershey raspberry filled chocolate chunks because I couldn’t find the Nestles swirled variety.

‘nuff of that.

Deer season ended without a bang. Good for the deer I guess. Of course Sunday evening I saw 12 turkey and about 20 deer grazing out in a cornfield near Zach’s apartment about an hour after sunset. Figures, right? The animals know when the season is over. They all of a sudden feel safe again. No great white hunters tramping through their woods, messing things up.

The big flap over those diary entries Cindy came across seems to have died out. I deleted everything off the home PC and am now toting things around on a thumb drive that rarely leaves my pocket.

It’s not that I’m so worried about what I wrote, per se. The drivel I leave here is the truth as I see it at the time. While my dalliance with Ms. CL is no longer a secret at home, some of the details weren’t quite general knowledge. Cindy & I have been progressing nicely and it was just unfortunate that some of the details had to be dredged up. We seem to have worked over that little slip on my part and any thoughts of my shutting down here are gone. Besides, this is somewhat therapeutic – and you folks generally have good advice or are willing to share similar experiences.

No sign of the towel thief at the gym this morning. He still got a nicer towel than he left behind. Wonder if that’s his re-supply strategy? I’d bring it up with him, but to what point? Better to just leave it alone, unless he makes the first move, but then, how’s he to know who’s towel he grabbed? I’m sure it was inadvertent. Unfortunately, once you start using a towel, you’re kinda committed.

I’m sure there’s more, but I need to get something posted and haul my carcass off to bed. Only 4 days till Friday!!

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