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Arrrggh Ė Not Pirate Style
2007-03-21, 5:07 p.m.

Day 941

I was supremely pissed last night and I didnít much care who knew about it. Ultimately it was my own fault, but so many little things piled up and conspired against me, I kinda lost it.


I had a disjointed, non-chronological relate of the entire evening, but itís best summed up like this: I got really pissed and it was my fault. Granted, the kids were lazy bums all day and could have done more. Granted Cindy was at the Y, but I knew about that ahead of time. Granted, I chose a pretty involved dish to make for dinner, but I could have started earlier, planned it better, or actually recruited some help instead of having a little tantrum.

Worst part of the whole thing was I didnít get to my meeting last night. My tantrum was on the path to finally accepting that I was going to miss it, in spite of trying to work like a mad dog and get everything done. Still need a meeting though. Iíd go Thursday, but itís the last week of bowling, we have our banquet, and bowling is my reward for quitting smoking. Doubling up on meetings will have to wait till next week.

Can someone tell me whatís up with Perdue Chickens? We had 6 people eating dinner last night (well, 5 people and one troll Ė me) so I got 6 chicken breasts out to thaw yesterday morning Ė because I figured thatís what you need Ė 1 per person. Well. Perdue has done something terrible to their chickens. I have a 14 inch skillet. I could only fit 3 chicken breastages in it at a time. Had to cook in shifts. Didnít want to use 2 pans cuz I needed all the little brown bits to do a pan sauce and I didnít want to have two of them going. Plus my other big skillet is cast iron and thereís lemon juice & wine in the sauce. Acid + cast iron = bad.

Anyhow Ė we had to tag team those chicken breastages. 6 of us only managed to eat 4 of them, and we were all stuffed. We normally get our chicken at our local grocer (Wegmans) or a local butcher if heís got a nice sale going, but these we got at S@mís club last week. They were just ridiculously huge. Even the boys were all ďDad, these arenít D0lly P@rtons, theyíre, theyíre . . . ď my boys were having trouble thinking of someone with bigger boobs than D0lly, so their comment actually ended in an ellipsis. I could hear it, I swear. Our running joke is that chicken breasts are either Dollyís or K@teís (Moss), depending on size. Itís great having boys I tell you.

In the what color is your pee department (from last week), we have a new entry. Boxx tells us that red G@torade will make your pee red too. You KNOW Iím going to try it. Iím thinking Saturday maybe. Cycling class. Thatís always good for a lot of liquid consumption. Best part is I can drink all the liquid at the gym and still have a chance of catching the evidence at home later that morning. Ought to do pictures too (but not of the actual evidence producing process. Well, maybe. Ought to be able to keep it PG, you think?) It would be really funny if we still had snow by Saturday. Then I could write a message (G@torade Rocks!) in the snow in red pee. Unfortunately the weather services are calling for warmer weather by the weekend, so no snow notes. But maybe a bowl full of red instead. Boxx Ė thanks for the photojournal project idea. Youíll be so proud!!

Oh yeah Ė Happy Vernal Equinox to everybody. Had a great opportunity for a ďspringĒ picture yesterday. We still have a fair amount of snow cover up here (thanks to that noríeaster last weekend Ė put us over 100Ē of snow again this winter, mostly since February) and our harbinger of spring, the robins, have also arrived. Well yesterday, on the way home, I passed a group of maybe 8 robins, all gathered in this patch of grass no more than 10 feet in diameter, completely surrounded by snow. Any poor unsuspecting worm that bothered to tunnel through the frozen ground and make an appearance in that patch of grass didnít stand a chance.

Great workout this morning. Actually made it in time for Pedalling with Patty. Rousing weights session after. Legs are complaining just a bit. Nice to know they're there. Tomorrow is another 40 - 45 minute run, nice & slow (8 min miles)

Short entry today. Feeling rather contrite after last night. Easy dinner tonight. Meatloaf, scalloped corn, baked taters, salad. Lots of salad.

Time to go stock up on supplies for Saturday morning. Science experiments are so much fun!!

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