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Stolen Meme Thing
2008-01-03, 3:48 p.m.

Day 1229
Because I’m at a loss for crap to complain about, here’s a meme thingy I swiped from Betty over at snipHits

What’s the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?
Back in August of 2003 I quit smoking. That started my smokefree era.
Why did you start blogging in the first place?
Well, back in August of 2003 I quit smoking. Initially I used this diary (blog, journal, what-EVER) as means of recording how the whole quitting smoking thing was going. Fortunately, that went rather well. Then this, this, THING turned into my low dough therapist and I started whining about anything and everything. How much it hurt to start working out, how far and fast I was running, what new, weird classes was I finding at the Y, how successful I’d been at carving pounds & pounds off my frame.
What has been your best blogging related experience? What about the worst?
Uhhhh, I actually got to meet a fellow d-lander in person once. That was a pretty fun night. I’ve also gained several good, ummmm, virtual? Friends here in the on-line communities. Although we haven’t met in person (yet – right Alison?) we’ve shared stories, gifts, experiences, ups & downs, everything 3D friends share.

Worst Blogging related experience? Maybe having my wife run across some of my off line archives? Outside of that, I think it’s just losing contact with people. Either they disappear from the blogosphere (Serena, Julie,
What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?
More of the same old shit. I’ll just come here, document the ‘exciting’ things that happen, grouse about the bad things, go check out all my buds and leave smarmy comments. Why change any of that?

I’d love to add entries about meeting some of my fellow bloggers, diarists, journallers, what-EVERs. Especially those that are up here in the northeast corner of the country (or even south eastern Canada) but before those entries can happen, much plotting and planning has to happen. Planning like “The Mall, Saturday the xxth, noonish, in front of Orange Julius”. Are they still in business? I’ve no clue. Usually when I’m at a mall I’m in search & destroy mode and don’t pay attention to a whole lot of the periphery. Like Orange Julius, Famos Amos, or Mrs. Fields. Vict0ria’s Secret however . . .
Boy, don’t get my spinning instructor pissed, ok? She takes it out on her classes. Her husband did something last week. It wasn’t buying the ‘house’ an HD TV for Christmas, she knew about that, might have been some missed appointment with one of their kids or something. But she had a mad on. Consequently, we did a ton of hill climbs Wednesday. That’s how she works out her mad – making us torture our legs. Does her a lot of good I guess. Probably saved her husbands life too. Now her big question is: “Do you think my husband will notice if I slip in a new couch & loveseat into the living room on the 11th?” I guess that was her version of retail therapy. She was pissed AND she wanted to compensate for her hubz getting that TV. Clearly, getting new living room furniture was the best solution. So now, she’s trying to figure out how to schedule the furniture delivery so her husband won’t notice. Mind you, she works at a local university, but does NOT get a semester break like the students do. The 6 males in the spin studio all snuck looks at each other that plainly communicated “how the hell are we to compete with logic LIKE THAT?” I have no doubt that Patty will pull this off. Maybe this summer when we do our group ride we’ll get to hear Patty’s husbands’ side of the story. We all think she’s bat shit crazy (but in a good and hilarious way), and we’re wondering just what the hubz does to maintain his own sanity. Who knows though? She could be the normal one in the house. (man, that’s a scary thought)

Bowling tonight, can’t wait – as per usual. Kinda goofed though. Usually, on Thursday’s I wear a polo shirt or something suitable in which to bowl (avoided the dreaded preposition at the end of a sentence there .. .). Today I had planned on just bringing a Polo along with me to change into late in the day. But I was in a bit of a rush to get out of the house today. Had to drop Eric off at work and he likes to be early, so I hurried myself a bit and completely forgot a bowling shirt. Now I have to leave work a bit early, swing by the house and get a shirt, maybe pick Eric up from work and still get to bowling on time. Oh the things I go through. Lucky Cindy is exempt from running around this afternoon. Even though she’s off work, she is chaperoning some basketball games this afternoon/evening and really can’t be of much assistance. I know she’d LOVE to help out, but it’s just not gonna be possible.

After bowling (my prediction? Team takes 6 of 8 again. That seems to be all we do. Oh. And a 638 series for me.) - the boys and I are in for some Chinese for dinner. We love it, but Cindy isn’t such a big fan. We’ll take advantage while we can.

Gotta run. Stuff to wrap up before the end of the day.

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