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Nail Biting Time
2008-01-07, 9:48 a.m.

Day 1233

First, there’s this:

Horse Tramples Woman

For those whom don’t care to read the article – Saturday, a woman was trampled by a Sheriffs Mounted Patrol horse outside a local mall. She had asked permission to pet the horse, the deputy gave his ok. She reached to pet said horse, the horse pulled back, the woman got startled and fell, apparently under the horse. The horse, startled a bit itself, trampled the woman. The woman was transported to a hospital and later declared dead. An autopsy is pending.

It’s not mentioned in the article, but I’ve since heard that the woman’s family is planning to sue the mall, the Sheriff’s Department, the deputy and anybody else that might have a buck or two to cough up.

Now, while what happened is a tragedy, how are any of the persons potentially being sued responsible for this woman’s death? My opinion? They’re not. No case, pack up your lawyers and go home. These are the kinds of things I wish I’d get called to jury duty for.

In other cheery news, they’re doing layoffs right here in my very own cube farm today. From the communications we’ve received so far, it’s impossible to tell how many or what disciplines, although the general areas (product lines) can be guessed. Got to pray like a mo’ fo’ that your projects are funded this year. I am, unfortunately, unsure of my own projects funding status, although there is a reasonable possibility I could be moved to a different project (I’ve heard rumors about a certain need in a certain area and I have the certain skill set that’s certainly needed. To be certain, you know.) But, we all just toil away in our cubes, hoping to NOT get an email from somewhere up the food chain.

No matter how you cut it, it’s going to be a pisser of a day.

I’m thinking I’ll post this early, then add & edit as the day progresses. Who knows? Maybe my last post will be from home today.
Day 1233 Addendum There I was, sitting at my desk, munching on the last of my orange reading up on everybody’s latest antics. My boss walks into my office and says “Brian, I need to see you for a minute or two. But it’s not about THAT.” He was trying to smile, but I could still tell he was feeling a little uneasy. We made our way to one of the small conference rooms (Officially, they’re called ‘break out rooms. Unofficially, they’re referred to as ‘The Woodshed’), where we were met by my bosses boss. But no HR folks. I immediately relaxed. Turns out my old job was more or less eliminated. But I happened to have some skills that can be used in a new project. This, in turn, will lead to more opportunities in the not so distant future, as long as I keep developing that skill base. (It all involves a lot of four letter words like FPGA and VHDL and ASIC – but that’s where I live) So out of the potential nastiness, I scored a new job, sort of. I’ll be working with a lot of the same folks I’ve worked with before. We’re just morphing over into a new product line. It’s so secret, if I tell you about it, I’ll have to kill myself. And you too. Definitely you first. So I just won’t say. Here’s a lovely little ditty forwarded to me by son #1: A Winter Statistic 98% of Americans say “oh shit!” before going into the ditch on a slippery road. The other 2% are from Rochester and say, “Hold my beer and watch this!” Actually, I’d be surprised if even 2% of the locals find themselves in a ditch any given winter. Driving in snow isn’t hard – just keep it under 70mph. Driving on ice, or freezing rain? Miserable. No help to be had there. Get out the salt and sand and pray for the best. Did spin class this morning. Bikin’ with Bill. He sometimes plays some pretty awesome music. Like this morning. American Woman (the original, not Lenny Kravitz’s very interesting take on it), Edgar Winters “Free Ride”, GNR “Welcome to the Jungle” (Wonder if I can get him to play Mr. Brownstone?), then he slipped and dropped in some techno pop stuff and I lost my buzz. Wednesday will be ‘Pedaling with Patty’, followed by ‘Grunting with Gary’ (the sadistic bastard) on Friday. Hopefully, I work up a little gumption and get back to the treadmill & weights on Tuesdays & Thursdays again. Noticed that there are all new treadmills in the cardio theater. That’s 30 some pieces of equipment. Nice to see our membership fees going to keeping the gear updated. Those other treadmills, although only 3 years old, were starting to break down too regularly. Hmmm. Better go get some new running shoes too. Man, at least I’m still invited to that 3pm meeting detailing the staff reductions. I have a feeling those not there were not favorable impacted . . .

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