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Oddball Question Day
2008-01-31, 4:17 p.m.

Day 1258 Oddball Question Day

I was thinking this morning. This is really dangerous. But in the course of this good think, I came up with a few questions.

Set up for the first deep thought:
Ericís girlfriend is lactose intolerant. Itís something thatís developed as sheís reached early adulthood. Her dad is also a lactose intolerant kinda guy, so she comes by this particular affliction honestly.

Besides the extreme bummer of not being able to drink milk, eat cheese, enjoy a nice hunk of cheese cake and all the other associated nasties of being intolerant, sheís actually lucky to have developed this affliction when she was in her early 20ís. Lactaid is now one of her bestest friends.

Hereís question #1 Ė What ever happened to babies that were lactose intolerant back in the early 1900ís (or earlier?) Did they just die of starvation and/or dehydration or what? Cuz, as a baby, before the advent of Similac or Enfamil of soy substitutes (or lactaid), what did young babies who were lactose intolerant have for nourishment? Or is this lactose intolerance thing just a cows milk issue? I just canít imaging a baby not being able to take nourishment from itís own mothers milk.

Set up for the next deep thought:
We just had high winds again all day yesterday. 60mph + gusts. (Plus a whopping 2 inches of snow. Wow.) 3 weeks ago (also on a Wednesday) we also had high winds all day, with 70mph + gusts. I remember choosing to be happy about having the opportunity to be outdoors in relatively decent January weather cleaning up branches & leaves after the wind.

Hereís question(s) #2 - Well, after the 70mph winds cleaned out my trees, how is it that in only 3 weeks I have MORE dead branches that succumbed to lesser winds? WTF!?! Now I have to be happy about being outside cleaning up wind damage AGAIN, only this time itís February? Uhh, Mother Nature? Iíve got a kitchen to do. I canít be farting around outdoors just yet, so lets ease up on the winds fro a month or three, mmkay?

Speaking of which, the cabinets are ordered. Now I have about 5 weeks to get the kitchen ready. Electric to plan out & move/install. Plumbing to plan out & move. Ceilings to repair, walls to patch, floors to rip out. We can finally get rid of that horrible parquet that canít stay flat in the summer. Oops Ė two minutes till my simulation is done. Hold on . . .

Dang it! This is the third time now. At least. I have this stimulus file Ė it simulates all the input signals to my device. I save it in this ďcompressed vector waveform fileĒ format. I tell my simulator to run Ė it toodles off and spends 9 minutes with the wheels spinning, smoke coming out itís ears, looking for all the world like itís doing something. Then, when the simulation is 99% complete (it tells me this) I get an error message that says something to the effect of ďthe stimulus file was not of the Ďcompressed vectorí style specified in the settingsĒ. But I just ran the same flippin file 20 minutes ago. Tweaked a parameter or two, re-saved it and asked to run it again. And WHY tell me at the end of the simulation that you have a problem with the input? Canít it figure that out at the beginning? (oohh- Oddball question #3!!)

Cripes. Had to back out of the tool, re-start and re-load the project. Half way through the simulation again. Hope the damn thing finishes. I have plenty other things to do besides play with finicky simulators. In fact, I hear a laser or three whispering my name. I think they need to be blown up or something.

Speaking of kitchens and things to do (cuz I was), There will be little or no progress made on the kitchen tonight. First, we have bowling to consider. Got to get in my relaxation. (Oh sure Ė NOW the simulator finishes without errors. Hold on . . .)

Hmmm. Didnít see what I wanted to see, so we re-tweak a few things and run it again. I suspect itíll have that inut file problem, Iíll exit, reload & rerun, then be dissatisfied with the results in another 17 minutes.

Meanwhile. Tonight. No kitchen progress. Bowling (priorities people, priorities!!), then, FINALLY, Lost is back. Iím gonna watch it AND record it, so I can go back and re-watch it later. Like before the Super Bowl (yet another progress killer!)

Who to root for in the Super Bowl? New Englandís stadium is about 6 hours east of here. The Giants? The New JERSEY Giants? Probably about a 7 hour drive. Maybe less if one avoids the whole NYC thing and approach from PA and the western parts of New Jersey (very pretty country too by the way). Still, outside of Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh; the New England, Philadelphia and NYC teams are the next closest to us. Realistically, we could get to any of their stadia in 7 hours or less.

(Shit. Failed to simulate again. Iím changing formats away from that pesky compressed version. Nothing but trouble those compressors . . .)

So who to root for? The Pats and their potential perfect season? Or the Giants (who beat Buffalo oh those many years ago on a missed Scott Norwood field goal attempt) playing the role of spoiler Ė and gave the Pats a run for their money only 4 weeks ago?

Maybe Iíll just hope for an entertaining, high scoring game, and try not to spill my roasted chipotle salsa on the carpet.

Was this fractured enough? (Deep question #4) Hope so.

I gotta go bowling. After watching this next simulation bomb.

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