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Rest Day
2008-02-12, 12:04 p.m.


Felt good to do nothing physical last night. At least the bill paying is out of the way for another 2 weeks. Such a pain in the neck. I did feel a leeeetle bit guilty about not actually doing anything project related, but I got over it as soon as the recliner settled back.

Rox – pity about your deadman incident. It apparently didn’t knock any sense into him though, did it?

Alison – I’ve been trying to figure out a delicate way to handle this. I can think of sooooo many inappropriate ways to say this. Anyhow. You got four chicken breasts in a 5 lb package? Those are truly mutants. If you’re handy with a filet knife you may be able to slice those in half – like cutting a bun open. Might be easier if they’re semi frozen. Even cut in half they’d still be huge.

As evidence that maybe someone/something in a UFO somewhere read my complaint, Cindy got another one of those “club packs” of boneless breasts the other day. As I was splitting it up into meal sized portions to put in the freezer, I counted pieces. We actually got 11 separate breasticles in that package. Made up some Chicken Parmesan last night and could comfortably finish a piece. Weird.

Joe – Biking season is a huge motivator for getting this kitchen done. By the end of March it starts to get warm enough to entertain thoughts of afternoon rides. There’s the Diabetes Association 100 miler coming up in early June and I need to do 500 or so miles (at least!) to get in shape for that. Plus I’d like to do a mouth to source ride of the Genesee River too. That’ll be a weekender. It’s about 120 miles one way, thousands of feet of elevation change, and no freakin’ motel available anywhere near the town of Genesee Pa. that I can find. Ought to be a fun trip.

Maria in Mpls – those thoughts on what men consider romantic? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For me at least. Although as I (get older, mature, age – one of them) I’m finding romance to be more of a mental thing than a physical thing. That a sign of growing up? Maybe. Too bad it’s taking so damn long.

Sneaking out of the salt mine for a half day. Looks to be just in time for a “Winter Weather Watch”. I’ll be sure to watch it, cuz I’ll be driving in it. Guess we’re expected to get up to 9 inches by tomorrow evening. That might slow things down a tad, but I doubt it’ll cause any lasting agony.

Got a little present from the UPS man yesterday too. I needed some stabilizer bar links for my van. Tried to buy them locally last Wednesday but couldn’t. Pity too, because it was up in the 30’s Saturday and that would have been a nice day to install them. But yesterday, when it was all of a whopping 3 degrees at dawn, my links arrive. Did I install them last night? No – it was maybe 10 degrees out. Will I install them tonight? No – I have other things on my list of shit to get to, like electrical things & ceilings to remove. Tomorrow night? Nope. Ceiling has to go back up. Thursday? What are you nuts? That’s bowling and Lost night. Oh – and Hallmark’s Valentines Day. Whoopee. Friday night? Possibly, but if it’s under 20, I don’t see it happening. Sometime this weekend? Lordy, I hope so. Getting tired of the sway in high speed turns. It kinda swings back and forth between understeer & oversteer when you’re doing bends in the road at anything much over 40. It can be a little disconcerting to hit an expressway ramp at a speed you knew was safe, but then you feel just a wee bit squishy as you get into the turn. It’s making me drive slower, and I just don’t care for that.

Time to run . . .

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