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Too Relaxed
2008-02-22, 11:19 a.m.

Day 1280

So I got my wish at bowling last night. We bowled the 12th place team. Lost the first game by 3, won the second by 9, then got thoroughly thrashed in the third game. Ended up taking only 2 of 8 points. The next two weeks we bowl the 16th & 17th place teams. Now I’m scared.

WE can be somewhat consoled by the fact that the conditions were tough last night. There was a very fine line between sliding a little too deep and not getting to the pocket versus hooking up a little too soon and going too heavy at the head pin. Wasn’t getting a lot of strikes, had to settle for shooting a ton of spares.

Zach bowled really well – beat his average by almost 60 pins for the night. I shot a nice grouping, everything between 180 and 190 and ended up barely missing my average for the evening. Lefty? Struggled all night long. It’s like the last few weeks they’ve been doing some weird oiling patterns on the left side. Poor guy can’t find a consistent line to the pocket. He ended up shooting right around what I did, but that sucks because his average is 30 pins a game higher. Yeah, he averages around 223 a game. Pretty effin obscene if you ask me, but he’s my brother, so I have to just accept it. The things you do for family.

No Gary the Sadistic Bastard™ at spin class this morning. I was kinda bummed. Usually, about 40 minutes into the class, we have to cross this “field”. I miss his description of this field as he envisions it. To make it interesting, the field is of course deep mud. Here’s a paraphrased version: “It’s hot. It’s muggy. Bugs are buzzing all around. The field is aaaaaaalllll mud. Axle deep. Where the field isn’t mud, there are hot, steaming piles of ‘bio-mass’ (mmmm) and you struggle to get the pedals around.” (this is his hint to crank up the resistance). And he usually plays some sort of Spanish guitar music. Not Flamenco, that’d be too fast. It’s slow, steady guitar work, kinda sensuous really – almost a Bolero style in that it picks up the cadence very gradually as it goes along.

So you’re hot & sweaty, your legs are saying “hey, wtf are you doing already?” and Gary starts this description. You just know what’s coming, and like some sick masochistic bastard yourself, you secretly love it. So you pound your way across this field of mud & poo, finally extricate yourself out on to the road (where you can dial down the resistance and let your legs fly a bit to pump out the bad mojo) and Gary starts with “Oh – see that road up ahead? It’s not flat . . . and I want to sprint up it. Sadistic bastard. Never met a hill he didn’t want to sprint up. Like it hurts less if you get up the hill as fast as possible.

Gotta do a big push on the kitchen this weekend. Only a week and a half till the cabinets are due in and I don’t have walls done. Heck, there’s still some I have to tear open to get at the electric. Two windows to move, outlets to wire, under cabinet lighting to get wiring and switches in for. I should pull out that “to do” list and see how I’m faring. But not here.

Work is kinda kicking my butt too, so Ima gonna keep this relatively short & sweet.

Oh – Neon Golden (didn’t link her cuz I neglected to ask – maybe next time), over there on the left coast offered some perspective on the cost of wedding receptions. I’m just glad the kids didn’t pick HER place. First, the commute would be a killer and second – the cost of having it at her resort makes it look like we’ll be having ours at Burger K1ng. Seriously. She works in some kind of swanky joint. I feel a teensy bit better knowing that the kids have selected a somewhat middle of the road fancy pants joint. Good lord, I better have fun. And a room – because to have that kind of fun, I don’t think I’ll be good to do the 1.5 hour drive home.

I’m done now. Really.

Ok, I lied. I’m not done. Still haven’t heard from this one counter top place, again. This marks the third time they haven’t called me back with an estimate any where near the time they said they would. I’ll call them today to get the freakin estimate, but today Cindy is headed to another dealer we’ve visited to see if they can get the stone we’d like. At least THEY sent us quotes on time. If this other place can get the stone, or we find another we like as well as this stone at the ‘never gives me a call’ place – we’ll switch. I’ll also call the other place and tell them how they hosed the deal. Feckers. (Thanks for that little word PJ)

Aacch!! I was reading back in PJ’s diary thingie to get the right spelling and usage of that little blue streak, and I noticed she done tagged me. Way back on the 17th!! (It was a weekend, I don’t hit the blogs much on weekends. Kitchen work dontcha know)

So the thing. Book. Page 123. find 5th sentence. Copy in the next 3 sentences. Here we go – from “Micorelectronic Circuits” 3rd edition, by Sedra & Smith (kind of a well known book in the field):

“The circuit therefore implements the logic OR function, which in Boolean notation is expressed as

Y = A + B + C

Similarly, the reader is encouraged to show that using the same logic system mentioned above, the circuit of Fig. 3.5(b) implements the logic AND function

Y = A * B * C”

That’s only two sentences, but the next one is just the heading of an example problem.

So you see the dry, boring crap I had to read in kolidge? Pade of nise, din it?

Oh and tags? I think I actually did this a coupe weeks ago, so I’ll just put out the general tag again. If’n ya wants ta, go ahead. Oh – Maria? I finally caught up with what that one comment was about. I’m quick like that. Heh.

Done now. For reals.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

ps (I know, I know) Today would be my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, had dear old Dad been able to hang around. And Monday would have been Dad's 73rd B'day. Wish he were here for them both.

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