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2008-03-05, 8:45 a.m.

Day 1292

Big day today. I get to *ahem* sit home today, waiting for our cabinets to arrive. So far, Iíve had 1.5 cups of coffee (just started a new pot Ė Cindy took the first one to work) and scraped Cindyís car.

We got a solid ľ inch of ice last night, followed up by several inches of snow, the first one or two of which welded itself to the ice. Makes for a very fun time scraping. The most effective method has been to just start the car and wait 10 minutes or so. The ice comes off in nice big chunks when itís all warm & watery underneath.

So. Cabinets. Weíre supposedly the first afternoon drop. That gives me the morning for a quick update here, then itís off to the local big box home improvement stores. Seems that when I re-located the sink Sunday it exposed some weaknesses in the hoses connecting the faucet to the house plumbing. That leak I wanted to fix? Not in a solder joint at all (why, oh why did I ever doubt my mad phat soldering skillz? I can snort me some solder smoke kiddies!) Turns out the entire problem was in the steel reinforced flex hoses I used to tie the faucet to the hard copper. Seems that there was a little gasket that gave up the ghost in the hot water line. It was squirting a needle thin (or thinnerer) jet of water over to the cold water pipe. From there it was running down the cold water pipe, fooling my poor unsuspecting arse into believing there was a problem with the cold water pipe.

I learned most of this last night. So I trotted myself off to Home Creepo and got new flex hoses. Had one of the dead ones in my hand, so I could compare the size of the end fittings. Picked a pair, paid, went home. Crawled under the sink, went to put the first hose on and discovered I got the wrong fecking size!

So now I gotta go back, return the wrong hoses and get the right ones. Dumb ass. Then Iíll do boring stuff like put in insulation, run wiring for a pair of outdoor lights next to the sliding door, kinda sorta re-arrange the garage (my staging area) so the cabinet boys can fit them in there this afternoon, and generally try and stay out of trouble.

We also have a couples counseling session late this afternoon. Thatíll be fun. I need to figure out a way to ask how I should break the news to Cindy that I know when sheís been sneaking a few drinks. So far, I havenít brought it up to her (Cindy), because, well, hereís my dilemma. I donít want to present her the opportunity to lie about it. On the other hand, by not confronting her with my suspicions, Iím enabling her by letting her think sheís getting away with it. Then thereís the whole side where it comes across like I donít trust her to stick with her recovery, and/or Iím nosing into her business. Dilemma I say.

I ought to add clearing out the driveway to my list of things to do. The delivery guys would probably appreciate some solid footing for manhandling all those cabinets. Sounds like a little snow blower action and a healthy dose of salt. Maybe I should let the van warm up while Iím at it to make it easier to chisel off that ice.

Such a busy day off in store.

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