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Another Killer Weekend
2008-03-03, 4:47 p.m.

Day 1290

But first, this weeks free association list from Unconscious Mutterings

Chemical :: agent
Poker :: face
Federal :: bureaucracy
Mattress :: bed
Who am I? :: I donít know
Investigation :: leads
In good hands :: Allstate
8:30 :: or so
Creditors:: lenders
Resource :: recovery

Donít know what that says about anything, but there it is.

Had another hyper productive weekend. Actually got some fresh drywall up in one corner, got an old pocket door out & enlarged a doorway, pulled some more of the old flooring, put a few sheets of underlayment down, moved some plumbing & electric, got the sink re-located and moved all but two of the original base cabinets. Now, while none of the cabinets weíre currently using are in their final positions, the kitchen is starting to assume itís new layout. At least the sink & fridge are where theyíre going to be and the cabinet layout sorta mimics the final design. Have a few pics, but theyíre not re-sized & fit for posting yet.

I am also quite sore today. Went to spin class this morning and that went fine. My legs are peachy. Itís my shoulders & upper arms today. This getting old shit is for the birds. I donít recommend it for anybody. I groused about my aches and pains to Cindy a bit ago and she called me an old f____! (She meant old fart, but wasnít sure if the firewalls would allow such profanity through)

Can you imagine the nerve? Calling her own spouse an old f____! Next time she wants a little Ďsugarí Iíd play the ďold f___! card, but itís rather counter productive. Maybe I can parlay it into her taking a little more aggressive role, hmmm? Cuz after all, Iím just old, not dead!

Looks like weíre in for some odd weather. The weekend was mostly in the low 30ís, a little snowy Saturday but nice & sunny Sunday. Today? Calling for temps in the 50ís. But Mother Nature is such a tease. Thatís all we get Ė one day. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to fall back into the 20ís with some sort of precip the whole time. So I imagine weíll start with rain, degrade to freezing rain & get everything coated with ice, then switch over to snow, just to hide all the ice. Of course, what snow we have now will partially melt, then as the rain & freezing rain comes along, itíll just turn into a solid block of ice. Itíll be pretty sweet, Iím sure. And to think Ė I still have shingles off the back of the house. Heck Ė I have raw sheathing exposed. Might want to cover that tonight. Maybe.

Oh! I remember. As part of this whole wrecking the kitchen deal, Iím putting fresh insulation in that exterior wall. I wish I had the time/money/energy to do them all. Our house was built in 1967. Gas was what, 28 cents a gallon? Of course, my dad was making maybe $150 a week, so everything kind of translates, but still Ė energy was relatively cheap. The insulation in the walls they used back then? R-6. The sliding glass door we just put in has a rating of R-3, and itís a 6 x 6.5 foot hunk of glass!! So first I tried stuffing some R-19 between the studs. Come to find out that R-19 wall insulation is meant for 2 x 6 construction. Sadly, my studs are merely 2 x 4 (I might have small studs, but I got a LOT of Ďem!!) The R-19 was getting all squooshed in Ė kinda makes it less effective. I think you donít quite get all 19 of the Rís when you do that. So for the rest of the wall, I got some R-13 (recommended for the 2 x 4 stud build). It goes in tonight. Itís got to be better than the nasty old R-6 we had. Might have to consider adding a bunch of R-19 to the attic. Donít know whatís up there, but adding anything has got to be an improvement.

But I think Iíll save that for when I re-do the roof. Our neighbor tells us the roof was done in 1984. She went in together with our houses former owners and another neighbor and got a group rate for a roofing job. Only it was a Ďroof-overĒ or lay-over job. The old roof wasnít stripped off first. That basically turns 30 year shingles into 20 year shingles. So if you do the math, youíll realize the roof was ready for a do-over 4 years ago. Maybe next summer itíll get done. There are some issues with ventilation and ice damming that I want to address too. But Iím going to have to rent a dumpster. I donít think the church will appreciate me depositing 1000 square feet of roofing shingles in their dumpster. I doubt it would even fit.

Once the roof is done and the dumpster is gone Ė new driveway. (Like you said Dawn Ė youíre never done!) Only good part is I canít do a driveway myself. Iím going to have to break down and have someone do it for me. Well, thatís if I go with a traditional asphalt driveway. (Traditional around here at least) If I were to go concrete, I might be able to - nah. Thatís crazy thinking. Besides, all the road salt they use around here would be murder on concrete. Ask my garage floor!

Time to end this update. I have a wall to cover. Film at 11.

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