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Last Day for the Gov?
2008-03-12, 2:03 p.m.

Day 1299

We New Yorkers are so proud. Our governor, who in 2006 was elected with 69% of the popular vote after running a campaign pledging to “clean up state government”, is this close -><- to resigning. It’s that or be impeached, or be arrested and then removed from office.

Apparently, Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s efforts to clean up state government included personally testing every hooker from Washington, DC to Albany, NY. $5,500 a whack? Possibly spent as much as $80K on prostitutes? His wife still standing by him as even loyal state democrats are leery of voicing even a word of support.

I won’t bother linking to any of the news reports. I’m sure it’s way up the list on any of the popular on line services. Go and see what makes us New Yorkers so proud of our state government.

Personally – I feel that if you want to rent a prostitute to do things your wife or significant other won’t do – fine. Your problem. I don’t even care if your s.o. is ok with it – it’s still your problem. But when you build a reputation as the State Attorney General for being a straight shooting, hard charging prosecutor, pledge to clean up state government in your campaign platform, THEN get caught up in a prostitution sting? Oh, the irony! I don’t think Obama will be seeking him out as a running mate this fall.

So-so meeting last night. Helped to calm my nerves some. Didn’t just get up and confess my worst fears, but just hanging with the crew has a bit of a calming effect. A safe haven if you will. For now, that’s all I needed. I do have a session with Annette this afternoon, I’m sure I can get a little help there too.

Joe – the whole sitting in the saddle for that long. I tell you – I have one hard ass! I’d let you feel it, but that might send the wrong signals. Really though – you build up to it. Early in the year even the shorter 20 & 30 mile rides get to you. But eventually, the muscles back there get adjusted to the difference in where the pressure is applied. Plus, as you’re riding you can get up and stand on the pedals, coast and stretch your legs and on the really long rides you get off and walk around every couple of hours. Plus I have a gel seat and those kinky shorts with the gel pads right over (under) your sitter bones. You get used to it. The REAL problem with bike seats isn’t the butt – it’s slightly forward of that. Mr. Happy can get pretty numb and that gets real disturbing. I’ve switched to a saddle with compensation for that particular anatomical area. Hopefully things lighten up a bit this year. It’s really weird to get off a bike, start to stretch your legs a bit then realize “Hey!! There IS blood flow down there!” Odd sensation. Girls – you may just never know. Although I suppose there are certain, hmmmm, considerations for you too, the dangly bits just aren’t the same.

No kitchen work again last night. Kind of tough, get home from work, try to have dinner ready for 6:30 (failed miserably – didn’t eat till almost 7:15), clean up a bit, head out to my meeting at 7:40, get home 9:30. Tuesdays are tough. But! Tonight I will make up for it. I need to:

1 - Get the disposal re-connected. It’s physically there, I just neglected to wire it in last week. We’re all having trouble remembering it isn’t operational. Easiest fix? Attach the 3 friggin wires and be done with it.
2 – change out an old outlet box to add a switch and then run a line for the last under-cabinet light.
3 – start putting in the corner bead. Hope I have enough.
4 – tape and mud all the friggin joints. Might do this first, then go back and do the outside corners last.
5 – collapse into bed.
6 – sleep
7 – get up & go to the gym

Got out of bed all of 5 minutes earlier than usual this morning and STILL got to the gym 5 minutes late. Well, actually later than that. I was so late, I felt uncomfortable about waltzing into spin class. Instead? Hit the treadmill, pounded out a 5K. Killed me. It’s what I get for not running for soooooo long. First half mile, my right foot was complaining. By the one mile mark, my foot shut up but my left knee started feeling a little tight. Even that shut up by the 1.5 mile mark. Hit two miles and thought, “hey, I might just finish this” Hit 2.25 miles and thought “What the hell am I doing this for?” Then I got stupid and said “look wuss, it’s only another mile. Shut up and deal.” Finished 5K in just under 28 minutes. Same as my first real live 5K outdoors 2 years ago. 5 minutes slower than I’d been running only last July. That’s what spin/biking only did to me. Stole 1.5 minutes a mile from my lungs.

So. To pay spinning back? After my run, I dusted off, refilled my water bottle and hopped on a stationary bike for another 20 minutes. Sheer freakin genius I tell you. At least I was good and stretched when I was done. My legs will thank me tomorrow. I gotta get serious about running again. These 28 minute 5k’s just aren’t going to work. Maybe I should aim for a 10K race to train for – along with building up for the diabetes ride. Ought to have the lungs of a thoroughbred by August. Too bad the diabetes ride is in June. Oh well. It’s a plan. And a set of goals.

At the same time, maybe I can shed these 15 pounds or so that have found their way back onto my body. Damn chocolate. Why does it have to be so good tasting? I can see me getting back into FitDay, tracking every morsel I eat. Time to re-train my head into what good eating is. Following my taste buds isn’t working.

I just need spring to get here so I can get outside and go. Know what’s in our weather forecast? Snow. Only little bits. But snow all the same. At least the temps are starting to slide up. Think spring may really get here?

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