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Done Did List
2008-03-13, 2:44 p.m.

Day 1300

1300. Pretty round number. That makes it 3.5593 years without a smoke. 3 years, 6 months and 20 days. But who’s counting?

OK. To review. Here’s yesterday’s shit to get to list:

1 - Get the disposal re-connected. It’s physically there, I just neglected to wire it in last week. We’re all having trouble remembering it isn’t operational. Easiest fix? Attach the 3 friggin wires and be done with it.
2 – change out an old outlet box to add a switch and then run a line for the last under-cabinet light.
3 – start putting in the corner bead. Hope I have enough.
4 – tape and mud all the friggin joints. Might do this first, then go back and do the outside corners last.
5 – collapse into bed.
6 – sleep
7 – get up & go to the gym

Here’s what I done did: (specifically used just to tweak Circe’s delicate sensibilities J)

1 – check. I got the wires all connected – maybe. The disposal appears to not work however. Aha! There IS a reset button on the bottom. Maybe that needs a little TLC? Otherwise, fixing it will be an item on the next list. I am suspicious of one of the wire nut connections at the disposal itself. The other possibility is that I nutzed up the connection in the junction box. It’s a piece of wire!! How hard can it be to fix? (Don’t answer that)
2 – replace box, add switch – check. (No issues either) (yet)
3 – start corner bead – check. Got it half way done. And I only had to do ONE of them twice. Seems my drywall installer * cough, cough * wasn’t as fastidious about cutting edges as I’d like.
4 – tape and mud all the friggin joints. Uhhh – nope. Zero, zilch, zippo. Have I mentioned how I hate mudding?
5 – collapse into bed – well, sorta. I did get to bed.
6 – sleep – usually pretty easy to do.
7 – get up & go to gym – went to bed too late (i.e. after 10pm). No gym. But I did get up.

Considering 5, 6 & 7were no brainers, I’d say I got 2 and 1 half out of 4. Need to do a little better than that.

So tonight, after bowling but before Lost, I’ll finish the corner bead and maybe fix the disposal, again. Just have to record Survivor to watch later.

Thinking of taking tomorrow off to put in some more time on the kitchen. It’d give me a one day jump start on the bulk of the mudding and would provide a solid 24 hours for that first, thicker coat to dry. Be a nice surprise for Cindy too, to see some more progress made.

Speaking of Cindy, Annette (the therapist) had some not so nice comments about her at my session yesterday. I’m still processing a lot of the information, but Annette, having the outsiders view of our relationship, sees a lot of things I don’t see from my vantage point. Annette seems to think that at our last couples session Cindy was rather closed off and not ‘available’. She wasn’t opening up about anything, wasn’t willing to own up to having any issues, but was more than willing to pick at and criticize me. In short, Annette was appalled at her attitude. She’s more than willing to pick my stuff apart but when it comes to her stuff, it’s all hands off or “I can’t change overnight you know”. It kind of pisses Annette off. Me? I never really noticed it. I’m too far inside the events to see what’s going on. Now though, Annette has me attuned to it. She’s even cancelled our next couples session and got me scheduled for another solo session to see if there’s been any change in Cindy’s behavior over the next 2 weeks.

Then there’s the whole “there’s an elephant in the room, how long can we ignore it” scenario. Bottom line is that NOT bringing up my suspicions of Cindy’s recent drinking is a form of enabling. Letting her think she’s getting away with it isn’t good. What I have to do, SOON, is approach her with it, but keep it in terms of how it affects me. What I’m afraid will happen is that she’ll turn it around and point out all my recent faults – like taking too long on the kitchen, or oh, any one of a number of insignificant things.

I hope to be able to have that talk Saturday afternoon. No kids will be around and we’ll have better than half a weekend to talk things over. I might have to take breaks to mud walls, but I’ll be available. Question is, will Cindy?

Got bowling tonight too. That’s been her night to drink. What we’ve settled on for dinner (linguine & clam sauce – home made) requires a visit to the store. Willing to bet she replenishes her stocks of hooch too. Hell, the liquor store is right across the street from the grocer. Have to keep my eyes peeled for out of place ginger ale bottles. I’ve yet to make any mention of the last one I found, so maybe she thinks I’m still clueless. Wait and see. Then react appropriately. May end up having the elephant discussion tonight.

Thought I saw the footprints of my buddy Serena traipsing through my stat counter logs. Turns out it wasn’t her. But I did get to contact her briefly. Sounds like she’s got one helluva story to tell. Her internet connectivity should be restored this weekend. Maybe she’ll start blogging again. At least it’ll be easier to keep in touch. I hope.

Still – I saw footprints from someone in SU country. If you happen to stop by again, drop a line & say hello, wouldja? You know, just to settle my paranoia.

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