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2008-03-19, 4:49 p.m.

Day ummmm 1305? (and -06)

Almost done with the mudding of the walls. Didnít get a lot done last night. By the time I got home form work (6 ish) and changed, got dinner & cleaned up, it was sliding past 7. I REALLY didnít want to recreate the huge messes I made over the weekend. STILL all I can smell is joint compound.

So, I reluctantly went at the walls & ceiling with a large damp sponge. It doesnít cut the high areas down like the drywall-mesh-sanding-stuff does, but it also doesnít create clouds of white (stinky) dust. All that water IS a little rough on the hands though.

But. Of the 7 ceiling joints, 2 need a little touching up with just a light skim coat. The ceiling to wall corner joints? Thereís a reason I was just gushing about them over the weekend. They really look pretty good. Need a couple little touch ups here & there. The walls themselves? Well, the 90% that will be covered by cabinets and/or tile are fine. Knocked down the sharpest edges and gave them my blessing. The 10% thatís exposed needs just a wee bit of fine tuning. Again, just a skim coat.

Wow. Hit a time warp. Started this yesterday (Tuesday). Here it is Wednesday now.

Touched up everything with a nice light skim coat last night. I think that takes care of maybe 75% of the stuff in the kitchen proper. Some of the work on doorways and adjoining walls is lagging a wee bit. The thrust is to be hanging cabinets this weekend so we can get some semblance of a kitchen back Ė plus call the countertop place and get that scheduled.

So. Tonight (being Wednesday and all) we paint. Or at least start painting. Weíll be priming everything that doesnít move. Iíd better stop and get some light plastic drop cloths for delicate things like table & chairs, existing cabinets, sinks Ė you know, stuff we donít want white. Our almost nursery rhyme couple (Zach Ďn Jill) are coming over to help out too. With all of us painting, it should take approximately 17.4 milliseconds to do the whole thing Ė ceiling and all. Ok, maybe not milliseconds, but there isnít that much to cover Ė 3 walls and a ceiling. Ceiling is about 300sqft, walls are another 450ish sqft and thereís the wood on the new slider to do too. But Iím not hanging cabinets on the slider, so I doubt itíll get painted right away. (Plus that first step out the door is a doozy, I doubt itíll get much use till I can toss in some steps.)

Got a new toy at work yesterday. Just to prove that theyíre aware that weíre actually operating in the 21st century, management consented to getting us real machines. Real as in something thatís actually better than what we all have at home and wonít be completely obsolete by the time the IT guys have it set up. We ended up with some pretty sexed up HP laptops. Dual 2.4GHz Centrino processors, 3G of RAM, a reasonable hard drive, DVD RW/R drive, USB ports out the wazoo, wireless networking and Bluetooth connectivity. I already have my phone set up. Now I can transfer camera phone pictures and swap calendar info. Woo hoo.

Iíll probably spend the rest of the day wrestling with applications, making sure I have all my file shares re-connected, get VOBís mounted and try to make sure I can do the things I need to do. Email & calendar functions are ok, most of the day to day office type stuff looks ok. I may have lucked into a version of Adobe Illustrator on top of all the other crap I get to use daily.

Ugh. Taking a break from wrestling with that damn new laptop. Got the wireless link working, now Iím trying to re-gain connectivity to all the &(*$^@$ data shares I need. Iíd rather gouge my eyes out with a dull, dirty grapefruit spoon. But I think it works.

Now I just need the electrical schematic s/w guy to run a script or two.

My how time flies when youíre a working stiff!! Time to go home & paint.

If youíre not eating and have a strong stomach, go check this out.

I am never traveling in Asia.

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