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Approaching A. B. Normal Again?
2008-03-26, 3:40 p.m.

Day 1312 & 1313

Well holy cow. We have a more or less fully functional kitchen, even if some of the details are lacking. Got the microwave put in last night, so we have our left-over warmer and kitchen timer back. Itís installed sorta free hanging over the stove again, but we raised it a wee bit.

Before, there was just enough clearance to get our really big stock pot on a back burner. Stirring was sometimes a challenge as there was maybe 3 or 4 inches of clearance between the top of the pot and the microwave. This go-round, we used a cabinet that is 3 inches shorter than the previous ďover-the-stoveĒ cabinet, AND we raised it an inch. Yes, the top is now an inch higher than either of its neighbors, but it comes off looking fine. Iíll show you, really. Just gotta format the pictures a little so they fit in here better.

Seems Bobís latest episode has Cindy & her brother talking to each other a little more lately. Thereís been some animosity there the last few years, all over some he said/she said crap thatís just gotten all blown out of proportion. While nothing has been resolved, they seem to be starting to get past it in order to take care of their dad. Iím glad, because this takes some of the load off of me. For a while there, I was feeling like I was the one doing most of the care-giving while those two couldnít even agree to disagree.

Weíve all come to the same conclusion regarding Bobís latest, hmmmm, episode. Weíre of a mind that he was in bed, sleeping like a good boy, when he had a particularly vivid dream. Something in the dream worked him into a panicked state and woke him up. Now, with the dementia & Alzheimerís, heís just note quite able to talk himself out of these panics like the rest of us are (you ARE, arenít you?). Itís late at night, heís panicked, puts together fragments of different events and comes up with some cockamamie story (in his head) and flies off the handle. At least it happened at night and the staff where he lives wasnít there to see the whole thing. Iím sure they got a police incident report (or will get . . .) and theyíll just chalk it up to ďOh, there goes Bob again . . .ď, but they have to be getting tired of it.

We talk to the staff there, we talk to the nurse in charge of the sides who see to his medication, we talk to the on staff social worker. They all say he isnít ready for more hands on care yet. But Sunday night, even Bob was wondering if he wasnít ready for a more involved level of assistance. Once news of this latest episode trickles through the system weíll let everybody re-evaluate and see what they think.

OK Ė day 1313 here

Couldnít pass up that number. Too bad it isnít the 13th of the month. Aha! But it IS the 26th, which is two 13ís. Maybe that makes better sense. Is it an omen? Does it matter? Who cares?

Took a little break from kitchen work. Heck, after the microwave is up & running, what else do you really need? Well sure, thereís the countertops, back splash, under cabinet lights, floor, those cabinets on the east wall that isnít done yet, the outlet to move on that same, pesky east wall, toe kicks, trim strips and everybodyís favorite, moldings. Be assured, I wonít be resting on my laurels (or haunches) for long.

Worked late last night finishing up a project. Have a prototype that one of our resident geniuses (I mean that sincerely) wants to deliver to a hospital in NYC. Poor Ed. Iíve been holding him off on that one long enough. Itís kind of an ďoff the booksĒ skunk works kind of thing so itís tough to squeeze in time to work on it. Ended up staying till almost 7 finishing up the laser alignments on it. Got home, inhaled dinner and headed out to my Al Anon meeting. That kind of shot the evening.

Tonight I have a district meeting to attend, conveniently at the same time as Cindyís usual AA meeting. Shouldnít be any conflict there, right? I might even have time to toss in an under cabinet light or two.

No consensus on The Bob and his situation yet. Havenít heard from the police at least. Thatís a plus. Donít see us making any decisions real soon. This isnít something to rush through as it will definitely impact Bobís quality of life. Itís one thing if he has problems lining up plates & silverware. Itís quite another if heís constantly calling the police out of some dementia induced paranoia. If that keeps up, the police AND his present living facility will probably demand a change in care.

Later, back at the ranch . . .

Just got back from another session with Annette Ė my very own personal shrink. Sheís very, very in favor of confronting (confront? Not the word I want, but . . .) Cindy about her recent drinking. Especially her episode Thursday night. She was Ďsickí most of Friday, trying to convince me that she was coming down with the flu, like everyone else at the school. Ah, no honey, that flu ainít nuthin more than a hangover. A result of that pint of whiskey you downed Thursday night. Of course, I never told her that. But. Itís about time to go elephant hunting. We need to shoot that big olí elephant sitting in the room. My fear? Sheíll finally say ďas a matter of fact, I WOULD rather drink myself stupid than be with you. See ya.Ē Then what do I do?

Dilemma. Guess tonight is as good a night as any to get into it. Maybe it wonít suck.

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