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Idle Night
2008-04-01, 12:29 p.m.

Day 1319

Know what I did on the kitchen last night? Nothing. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero. Of course, I had an excuse. Still, it felt good. No wiring, painting, sanding, hammering, drilling or screwing. Just a little driving.

The outfit that oversees The Bob’s medicine taking had called in a prescription refill. It was waiting at a pharmacy conveniently on my way home. Too bad The Bob’s swinging bachelor pad is all the was across town. Got his meds, went home.

Cindy was very busy unloading hutches, washing things and stuffing the cabinets taking the hutches places. I warmed up dinner - leftover Andouille/white bean/chicken stew from Emeril that I’d be happy to look up again if anyone would like to try it. It’s similar to a brown gumbo, but not quite as thick (no roux), and well, the beans. But still quite delicious. Eats like a soup. Get yourself a nice crusty, grainy bread and you’re in heaven. Well, at least I am.

Best part was storing this in the fridge. All the fat that rendered out of the sausage & chicken thighs (mmmmm – thighs . . .) floated to the top and congealed. Easy pickings skimming it off. Made it a much leaner dish.

Anyhow. After dinner, while Cindy was off to her meeting, I headed over to The Bob’s to drop off his scrip. In a fluke of great timing, I also met the aide that helps him with his evening medication. Her task is to simply open the safe (no shit, a safe), pull out the weekly pill minder thing, open it and pour the meds into The Bob’s palm, then watch him take them. There’s a nurse (RN, LPN, not sure) that stops by weekly and refills the weekly minder and orders necessary refills. It’s costing The Bob some $$, but at least we’re sure he’s getting the right meds at the right time.

Bob even asked about a couple of things we talked about Sunday. His address book for one. He’s desperate for an address book. He doesn’t realize that he’s trashed 2 in the last year and a half. Sunday Cindy told him she’d print one out for him. She has all the addresses he’d need, she just needs to print them out and put them in a binder.

Unfortunately, Bob asked about the address book in a “I really need one” way, not “how’s the address book Cindy is working on going” way. At least he got an idea in his head and it stayed for a while.

The other thing he mentioned was that he wanted to get a camera. Of course, I still have his busted camera, picked up after last weeks 1am Monday morning “call the cops because I spaced out my wallet” incident. I hope I was gentle enough when I reminded him that I have his camera and am taking care of getting it fixed for him. He certainly had no memory of last weeks episode, and I sure wasn’t going to try and drag him back through it. He accepted my explanation, for the moment, and I scooted home.

Killed the remainder of the evening going over Bob’s bills, a few of our own bills, and generally played catch up with the real world. So many things have slid to the back burner with the push to get cabinets installed. Now it’s time to get back in synch with everyday life. Cripes, I still have taxes to file and I’m expecting a return! (Thanks to college expenses, student loans and mortgage interest!!)

Better go post this. I still want to have enough lunch time left to go peek in on all of you.

The Kitchen job .

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