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2008-04-03, 1:38 p.m.

Day 1321


Started in what, 1916? Right in my hometown. Of course, we shop there. There are two stores within 4 miles of our house. Both kids worked in their warehouses. Zach even worked for their Chase Pitken home & garden store, then the Wegman’s grocery store in Dewitt when he was in school in Syracuse. (kolidge that is). The store has two slogans we hear ALL THE TIME. I’ll show you the slogans, then add what some of the locals have appended to them.

Slogan #1 “Every day, you get our best” Bend over, you’ll get the rest
Slogan #2 :Food you feel goods about” but your wallet feels bad about

Funny what you hear when you have a connection to the inner workings . . .

In semi-important news – I think my d-land associated email address has been hijacked. The y@who account I had it tied to got absolutely bombed with spam and mailer daemon messages starting around 6 EDT this morning. I think they only accessed the and not my regular mail account. If you happen to get offers for little blue pills or Rolex watches from my private email – first, I apologize and second, would you let me know so I can delete that account and start over? I hate the thought of it, but I can’t help but think it may be necessary.

Many of the bounced messages I’ve seen had Cyrillic text in them and used the *.ru extension liberally. What is this, some extension of the cold war? How about a little détente or laissez faire? Feckers!! (Thanks for that word Peej)

Speaking of Peej, she related a while back abut how she managed to pay all her bills twice in one month, thanks to the magic of on-line banking. Well, I’ve now run into the (inverse, converse, contrapositive – pick one) of that. For the second time now, just when I thought I got a stack of bills paid, I find out I must have missed a crucial step in the process.

I’d been a little worried about the timing of a deposit and the arrival of two kinda sorta big checks I’d written – combined with the anticipated cashing of all those magical on-line bill paying transactions. So starting Monday, I’d been monitoring the checking account pretty religiously. Monday and Tuesday I was partially relieved that nothing had hit our bank yet. Wednesday I was stoked to see that the deposit I had made cleared and the two rather large checks I’d written also cleared (they were for kitchen things – what else?) What hadn’t cleared yet were any of the bills I’d paid. I was sure I’d had some sent out as early as Thursday, surely some of the local ones would have hit the bank?

So I went and looked at my bill pay history. Got a report for March. All the bills I thought I’d paid on the 26th? Bank never heard of such a thing. Absolutely NO RECORD of the events. So all those bills I thought would be paid on time by the 31st? Nah, not so much. Had to do them all over again last night. At least it was easier & quicker this time through. I also double checked to make sure they all showed u in my out basket. I triple checked this morning to make sure none of them mysteriously disappeared. Think my problem is that the first time through, I take too long and the system times out on me. It’s that or I just forget to hit the “confirm” button after I click on “Done”. I’m not even catholic. What do I need confirmation for?

Not much else happening. Training for the Tour de Cure will be starting in earnest. With the kitchen not hanging over my head like a 10 ton weight, I think I may resume Saturday morning spin classes. This week, just the 7:15 class. Sunday looks to be a nice day here in camp Rachacha, so maybe the first outdoor ride of the season is in store. I’m thinking the Gates/Churchville/Brockport loop would be a good start. Then next weekend? 7:15 spin class. Maybe hang in the studio with my MP3 player and spin the 45 minutes till the next class, then do that one too. Biking from 7:15 to 10:00. I could go nuts and ride my bike to the gym too. Then a little outdoor ride Sunday. There’s a local route I want to try that includes all the biggest hills in the area (all glacial leftovers – eskers?). If I’m really feeling good, maybe I’ll do it both directions. Got to go create the course first though. Map MY Ride – here I come.

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