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The Range!! The Range!!
2008-04-07, 5:30 p.m.

Day 1325
This weeks free association thingy from Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?
1. Nutritious :: good food
2. Graduate :: Eric
3. Tonight! :: moldings
4. Located :: found
5. Weapon :: gun
6. Jumper :: cable
7. Collectibles :: junk
8. Dennis :: the menace
9. Hostile :: unfriendly
10. Vivid :: stark
OK - so where are we going with this weeks free associations?

#2 Ė Graduate :: Eric Ė May 17th!! No more tuition bills for me!!

#3 Ė Tonight! :: moldings. How sad is that? Tonight (with exclamation point!!!) and Iím thinking about window & door moldings. At least I didnít say taxes (which still need to be done. Mine, The Bobís AND Erics.)

#4 Ė located :: found Ė the hide-away hammer. Saturday, spent the morning getting moldings cut for the windows & doors in the kitchen. Had to install jam extensions on the window over the sink and on the sliding door. Nailed them in place, thought nothing of it. In the afternoon, the appliance store dudes showed up to deliver/install the new range. In the course of events there, we decided that the best way into the house was the front door. Had to disconnect the pistons on the storm door to allow it to swing fully open to make room for this beast of a range. Grabbed my hammer to tap out the pins holding the pistons in place.

Appliance guys hauled the stove in. 425 lb stove Ė 2 guys. Shoulda bought them a beer when they were done, but they still had to drive and all I had on hand were some Brooklyn Monster Ales. Probably shouldnít give a guy a Monster Ale and then make him drive a big company truck.

Anyhow. They get the range in. Sort of. Itís at least as far in as it will go, because my gas pipe installation (that I didnít do) is less than ideal. The range canít go all the way back into itís nook because it hits the gas pipe about 3 inches before itís all the way in. But the appliance guys are gone.

I dug I and figured out how to reposition the pipe without taking everything all apart. Thank science for flex pipe! Sometime after that, I forget what I was doing, I needed a hammer. Went and looked for my hammer. Kitchen, garage, on the floor, in the cabinets, ON the cabinets, tool boxes, trash cans Ė no hammer. So I used Zachís. Went and did something else. Needed the hammer again Ė so I re-looked for mine. Like a dumb ass, I checked all the places Iíd already looked. It didnít magically reappear, so I used Zachís again. The missing hammer became the theme for the afternoon.

The day winds down. Weíre seasoning the griddle on the range (a 36 inch wide range with a griddle in the middle. And red knobs!) Zachís gone, but Cindy is still good naturedly teasing me about the hammer. Itís gotten rather comical at this point. Now I look for it even when I donít need it Ė kinda perpetuates the joke.

Itís getting late, we decide on dinner, then figure we may as well go grocery shopping and get dinner needs as well as the normal 2 week re-stock. Before we hea out into public, I need a shower. Before I shower, I finally decide I ought to reconnect all the pistons and chains on the front storm door. I might need a hammer to tap in the pins. To be sure, I head to the front door and check the top of the dry sink we keep near the front door. I am expecting to find all the door hardware I removed earlier to let the appliance guys move that stove. Well, like I expected, I found the 3 pins and a door chain right where I left them on that dry sink. Right next to my hammer. And no, I didnít need the hammer to reset those pins, they dropped in just fine. But at least I had my hammer back. Gave Zach a good laugh and texted him with the happy news.

No Biking with Bill this morning. Instead, we were treated to a rare early morning performance of Motoring with Maria. Too bad for us she went out for her first outdoor bike ride of the season yesterday. Her husband (a triathlon kinda guy) took her out for a quickie little 40 mile jaunt, first time out. As a result, she was REALLY EASY on us this morning. At least I thought that while I was in the locker room this morning. Now, at lunch time, my quads are chirping a little, but itís that good kind of ďhey, thanks for the work outĒ chirp. I hope. Itís nice to know that these instructors are human too. Some days, you get the impression they could go for ever.

So, yeah, the stove is in. That was Saturday. The countertop company had an opening Friday afternoon, so I scooted home and let their template guy come over and do all those measurements. Had to disconnect/reconnect the sink and disposal AGAIN, for the third or fourth time I think. One more cycle and Iím done. At least we got the countertops going 4 days sooner than anticipated. Now the hope is to have them installed while Cindy is home on her schools spring break. Saves on vacation days ya know.

Right now, Iíve got to leave for a hot date with Cindy. Weíre going to be looking at flooring options at L0wes. Had a Perg0 type floor all picked out (Thornwood Maple), but it seems that itís no longer available in our area. Now weíre thinking maybe bamboo . . .

After that, when weíre at home? Might be time to talk about that elephant. I keep threatening to do it. But things arenít getting any better all by themselves. Itís time I stopped the passive enabling and called BS on Cindy. Sheís got a meeting tonight where she can think about it, Iíve got a meeting Tuesday and another appointment with my shrink Wednesday. (Thatís the real motivator - I donít want to tell Annette that I didnít bring it up, AGAIN)

Time to go have a teensy bit of fun before I stir up trouble. Wish it were the kind I enjoy getting into . . .

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