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Not Again!
2008-04-08, 5:06 p.m.

Day 1326
Cindy called part way through the day yesterday. We set up a hot date for the evening. Meet at L0we’s to look at flooring options. Woo hoo!! Seems that they are having sales on their in-stock flooring, 15 - 20% off depending on whether it’s hardwood, laminate, ceramic, what ever.

So we go look. Found one at the store that their on-line site said wasn’t available there. Well, there or anywhere nearby that I’d be willing to drive to. I did a little measuring, a little multiplying, a little fudging and figured out how many boxes of the stuff we’d need to basically cover 75% of the main floor of the house.

That’s when we noticed the 12 months no payment, no interest when you put $299 or more on your L0wes card. Do we have a L0we’s card? Of course! With the amount of home projects we do, it’s mandatory. But there was a catch. Of course. The no payment, no interest dealie doesn’t start till the 10th. The 15% off sale runs through the 13th, so no problem, really, it just involves ANOTHER trip.

There is one scary part. We need 34 cases of flooring. They had 32 on the shelf. We won’t be getting it for another 2 days. Plus there’s the whole on-line vs. in-the-store apparent availability issue. Is “Golden Butternut” soon to be discontinued? Will we be able to get the 2 extra cases we need? Should we, if it’s doomed to discontinuance? What about that fancy 4-in-1 trim strip stuff – why did I see none in the color/pattern we desire? And, as is normal for L0we’s it seems, there was no one around to answer questions. My opinion? That’s why they brag about how well lit their stores are – so you can find shit yourselves, because there’s no one there to help you.

So yeah, we found a flooring we like AND agree on, but it’s availability is in serious doubt. We’ll know more Thursday, we hope. At least we won’t be committing till then. Or maybe we should BE committed then. Eh. Either way.

So what didn’t get done yesterday, again? That little talk. Between hanging out at L0wes, getting samples home, checking web sites for availability (or potential lack there of) then getting & eating dinner, I just had too many opportunities to let it drop. Again.

Tonight, maybe? Might. Depends. Cindy has had the day off, initially for getting the countertop templates done. Now, she has vacation days to burn. She’s selling 5 back to the district and has 3.5 more she must take by July 1 or she’ll lose them. So taking today off is a no brainer. She was going to give the upstairs a spring cleaning. We’ll see. It’s just that she so often takes advantage of these little opportunities and ‘self-medicates’. I’m trying to not attach any expectations either way, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about what I’ll find when I get home.

Plus, Zach usually comes over for dinner on Tuesdays since Jill has clinic at school late. That may keep Cindy from dipping into the sauce – just knowing that she’s got to pass muster with him. It will also take away from time that could be spent discussing that big freakin elephant we’ve both been ignoring. If she’s sober, maybe I’ll bring it up when I get home from my regularly scheduled meeting. Puts Pedaling with Patty at risk in the morning (4:50 comes mighty early), but I probably should expect to have to sacrifice one spin class in order to have this talk. Besides, it’s my last chance before I see Annette tomorrow. Terrible, having your shrink as a motivation.

Gotta run, have expectations to smash.

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