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Yet Another Quicky
2008-04-21, 8:11 a.m.

Day 1338

Busy, busy, busy. New circuit board has arrived and we are in the midst of debugging both the board and the code we write to run it. It can be a whole lot of fun trying to figure out where a problem is. Is the board ok? Is the code hosed? Have we had enough caffeine yet? Good times.

Made more progress on the kitchen job. The vast majority of the moldings are in & painted, all the little niggling details of the flooring are resolved except for one piece Iíd like to re-cut by the sliding doors. Thereís some areas you just canít afford to leave a lot of expansion gap is all Iím saying.

Got lots of spin class in over the lat 4 Ė 5 days. Iím still bummed though beause weíve had absolutely GORGEOUS weather and my bike is still in the dang shed! Saturday we broke a record set in 1889. Used to be the record high temp for our area was 85. Saturday, the official temperature at the airport (about 1.5 miles from me) was 86. Global warming man.

Bowled in a tournament over the weekend. It was a fund raiser for the American Diabetes Association. Pay $10, bowl 3 games, all proceeds go to the ADA (Actually, 7 of the 10 dollars went. The bowling alley was only getting $1 a game. They kicked in pretty big.). It was a senior project for the daughter of someone one of my brothers works with. There were 5 of us (Me, my brothers and the youngest brothers boys) bowling as a group. Somehow, I ended up winning 2 door prizes (golf balls and a t-shirt for my niece). As a group, we hit 5 door prizes and brother Lefty won the 50/50 raffle ($230!!) that he kicked back in to the tournament proceeds.

But. The real news out of the tournament wasnít the door prizes. It wasnít even the $2000 that was raised for the ADA (for a young ladyís senior project! Thatís huge. She better get an A). Nope. The news is that there were 2 300 games thrown on our pair, and I had one of them. I can now die happy. Well, almost. Cuz I gotta fess up Ė it was a no-tap tournament. In those, on your first ball, 9ís count as strikes. And in that 300 game? I think 5 of the shots were actually 9ís. So While I got my name up on the score board with a 300 next to it we gotta ad that little asterisk about it being a no-tap.

Irony of the day? On the pair next to us, a guy had a REAL 300 game Ė 12 legit strikes, at a no-tap tournament. Thatís just cruel. Doubt it will be sanctioned. But watching that guy bowl, itís obvious heís either done it before, or has a good chance to do it again.

Well, I gotta go let some smoke out of a few parts, see if theyíll still work after that. At least sitting on my ass debugging boards will be easy on my legs. I felt REALLY energetic this morning and blasted through spin class. Now my legs are asking me what the hell is going on. Heh. They better get used to the abuse. The Tour de Cure is coming and theyíre in for some pounding. Love it.

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