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2008-04-30, 4:56 p.m.

Day 1347

What a day yesterday! We’d never heard from the countertop folks except for last week when they said our install day was the 29th. I was kind of expecting a call to from them letting us know about when during the day they’d be out. I spent the early morning putzing around, playing with moldings and toe kicks, trying to keep occupied. I did learn one thing – the miter gauge on my saw is closer to correct than my head is.

We have two base cabinets that have a 45 degree angle face. (You’ll see in the pictures). I’d been dreading cutting the quarter round molding for these, as I have to template to use to set up the miter block on my saw – and I flat out don’t trust the reading on the gauge. I went into this whole funky corner cutting thing thinking I’d need to be set around 62.5 degrees. So I did a couple of test cuts and took the pieces in to dry fit them (not as bad as it sounds). Had a big, wedge shaped gap. Went back out, adjusted the miter & re-cut. Came back in & re-tested. Still a gap, but not as bad. Made one more adjustment & tested. Know what? They fit nice. The final angle? 67.5 degrees. Where I should have started. Know why? The 45 degree angle on the face makes a 135 degree corner with the adjoining cabinet. Half of 135 is what? Yes, 67.5, NOT 62.5. It’s amazing they let me out of the 6th grade.

Of course, by now it’ pushing 10am pretty hard and we’ve yet to hear from the counter guys. I’m out in the garage (my staging area for everything construction related), getting ready to start cutting the real molding pieces. Cindy is out there with me, but she’s puffing on a butt (NOT mine). Since I have someone to listen, I start grousing about how inconsiderate it is of the counter guys to not call and confirm or give us an expected arrival time, yada, yada, yada. I’m just getting to the end of my little whine, when a panel truck from Atlantic Granite pops around the corner. Squeaky wheel? Nah – I wasn’t bitching to anyone who could do anything. Still, the timing was priceless.

With that said – I’m putting together a little photo essay. They’ll be cropped down versions for here with bigger, better resolution versions are available at my Picasa page. (And no, NO toe shots, front or rear) However, subjects WILL include

Our slabs
Sam and his boxers
Early slab shots
Slabs with back splash
Close up of the stone. It’s got hardly any real black in it.
The only adjustment cut they had to make all day
What’s left? Adding this: (Green Onyx tile) to all the areas that are still painted white.

When to put up the tile? Why, this weekend of course. Aiming to have all the moldings completed by then too.

Tonight we’re taking The Bob out for his birfday. He gets to celebrate the Spirit of 76, if he remembers. (that was kinda mean, but kinda true)

So lessee – lots of spin on Saturday. Classes Monday & Wednesday morning. Maybe a TDC training ride Thursday night. No 3 hours of spinning Saturday. A – have tile to install and B – my gym is having their “Y-athlon” – 15 minutes of swimming, 15 minutes of stationary bike riding and a 2 mile run. I guess they’ll accumulate points according to distance swam, distance biked (at a set resistance) and time for running two miles. Since I swim rather like a rock, I’m taking a pass on this one. Plus – see (A) above.

Ya know, I was going to cheat and give y’all a sneak preview of one of the countertop pics, but for some reason my laptop won’t read my camera’s memory card now. It did this morning when I want to check it out real quick like. Maybe it’s because it’s a “work” machine and it’s recognizing I have nefarious (good one, eh?) plans. Gah. I still have an hour to kill before I need to meet Cindy and The Bob up the road at Led Robster (less than a mile from work. How convenient!)

After dinner I get to take The Bob back to his swinging bachelor pad and check out his phone. Reports are that it’s making all these weird beeping noises. I’m betting it just needs to be charged. Probably just has the charger not plugged in or not connected. Always something simple. Cindy ought to be at her AA meeting. She’s been pushing the envelope a bit lately. For a fact, I know she had one of my Stove Pipe Porters, and I know she had a glass or three of the cheap ass merlot we use for cooking. Zach’s aware of at least a little of it, and co-dependant that he is – he wants to fix her. He has a rough time understanding my very hands off attitude.

At least we’ve recovered a bit from last weeks little talk. Communication wise anyhow. We obviously still don’t see eye to eye on the ‘social drinking’ thing, but that’s her boat to sink.

Speaking of boat, time to hit the Led Robster and do some birfday partying. I need some of those cheddar biscuits. Now.

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