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2008-05-08, 10:21 p.m.

Day 1353, 1354, 1355

Hereís a compendium of the drivel from the last 2 or three days. Suffice it to say that work is seriously kicking my butt. Good to be busy.

I believe I mentioned that the back splash tile is installed. Figured out how to cut those pesky bronzy tiles. Turns out they are just some fancy plastic resin that yields very nicely to a dremel tool with a cut off wheel. Makes a lot of white dust, but it also cuts very cleanly.

This is what, Thursday evening? Had an appointment with Annette today. Pretty active session, got lots said, got lots to work on/with. We have soooo much crap to get through. Cindy & I we, not Annette & I we.

Got home from my usual Al Anon meeting tonight and Cindy was drunk. First time in over a week I think. She asked how my appointment with Annette went. That was odd because I never told her I had an appointment today. Guess sheís helped herself to my wallet. Wonder if sheís checking my phone too? Guess if youíre not living up to your end of an agreement, you need to check for dirt on your partner so you can use it against them come crunch time.

I gotta shorten her feedback loop. Time for her to understand just how much sheís angered me this go round. Annette says I need to stop being afraid of feeling and expressing my feelings. (sounds redundant Ė experiencing and expressing my feelings? Maybe.)

ITís late. I need to go get laundry out of the dryer. My favorite gym shorts are in the load that should be finished.

Drivel from Tuesday: (not edited either)

Guess what ever Cindy had to talk about lat night wasnít all that important. Yet.

Know what puzzled me yesterday? The nuts & bolts section at the local Home Creepo. I needed to get 40 or so machine bolts of a particular size (#6-32 x 1Ē machine pan head). Only needed the bolts. What did the store have? Little packages of the bolts I needed. 9 per bag, including nuts all for $0.98. Five bags would run me $5 (work with me on this).

All Iím doing is getting longer screws so I can pull the outlets & switches out and mount them on the surface of the backsplash tile. The standard screws that come with the outlets are just a wee bit too short. I tried mounting a couple Sunday so I kinda sorta knew what I needed.

Now Ė Iím lucky in that I didnít HAVE to have machine screws. I found a container of 1Ē long sheet metal screws that were the right diameter. 100 of the little buggers for $3.34. Now, Iíll have 60 or so more screws than I need, but itíll cost me nearly $2 less (I know, big whoop, right?)

Think is, those 60 screws will just be a waste. What happened to the days when hardware stores had big bins of hardware and you could go in and grab just what you needed? I didnít need the nuts, but HDís set up forced me to buy them. I also had to get them in the quantities they had available. And all the extra packaging they used!

Stolen from Cardiogirl:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Career wise - Same job, different building, different company, same phone number.
Home life wise Ė running kids to soccer or hockey, enjoying not being in night school.

2. What are five things on your to-do list for today?

1. Finish CPLD specs. Itís REALLY NOT THAT HARD - I can just procrastinate with the best of them. Later.
2. Gotta pay the bills
3. prep for Al Anon meeting. Itís tough when youíre the group rep, thereís actually stuff to do.
4. Install some outlet cover plates.
5. Maybe have that Ďtalkí Cindy wants to have?

3. What snacks do I enjoy?
Big chunks of pepperoni
4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire?

What ever I wanted. That was legal. Give 95% of it to charities.

5. Three Bad Habits

1. Procrastination
2. Not speaking my mind.
3. Overuse of sarcasm.

6. Five places I have livedÖ

1. Rochester, NY
2. Chili, NY
3. Ft. Lewis, Wa,
4. Scottsville, NY
5. Gates, NY

7. Five Jobs I have had

1. Cashier at Coops Townline Grocery (little Mom Ďn Pop place)
2. Houseboy at the Holiday Inn Thruway in Henrietta.
3. Medical Lab Technician for the Army
4. Quality Assurance Tech
5. Electrical Engineer

If you want this fine meme for yourself, feel free to copy and paste it on your site.

Hereís a TMI Tuesday I swiped from One Biscuit Hound

1. How many cell phones have you had? How long have you had your current cell phone number?

Four, I think. First one was early on, we had one for the whole family. Canít remember the number even. Only had one phone that outright died. The rest? Got outdated. Current number Iíve had for 6+ years. Call me, Iíll give it to you.

2. Where was the last place you had sex?

Uuhhhh, living room?

3. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your love life? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)

6 ish. Could stand a little variety, a little risk. Could also benefit from a non-smoking partner

4. Does Bliss sound like a fun game to you? Have you ever played it?

Donít know about the game. Sitting here at work, during lunch, I donít think Iím going to chase that link. Biscuitsí answer made it sound like an adult activity meant to spice up the sex life, so maybe it would be fun to try.

5. Is there anything or anyone you would be willing to die for?

There are SO MANY conditions that can be placed on this one. My own kids, of course. Spouse? Maybe. Parent? Not likely. A coworker? Doubtful. Again, there are so many conditions.

Bonus (as in optional): If you were (or had) a magic genie and could only grant wishes for others, and you only had three left, what would they be and who would they be for?

First two Ė I donít much care
Third Ė that I get three wishes next
Of course, every third wish would be for 3 (or more) more

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