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Fake It Till You Make It
2008-05-14, 4:45 p.m.

Day 1360 Fake It Till You Make It

The title is an Al Anon saying. Sort of a way to talk yourself into hanging in there until you get stuff figured out. Thatís sort of where I feel I am right now.

Sunday morning was a little tense. Still not sure why really. Sunday afternoon was much lighter in tone. I have my suspicions as to why, and of course, they involve ethanol. (My poor Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter!!) (Itís really, really dark, can you tell from the name?)

So Sunday I found myself running through a little litany of Al Anon sayings, trying to keep myself from getting all pissed off about the state of things. The day ended up turning out well enough. I donít know how really. Donít know what was bothering Cindy. Something set her off, she was on the verge of tears at several points. She didnít say why, I didnít ask. I think we each successfully swept what ever it was under the rug during the afternoon and proceeded to trash my back in the evening. (I really think it was the grouting though. I just canít ever come to admit I could tweak my back doing that. Think of the ramifications!)

And my back is doing better. No ibuprofen crutches today. Still, itís a good excuse to eye our mattress suspiciously and dream of getting a new one. If we ever FINALLY get The Bobís estate ironed out, I think itís a done deal. So is the roof, the driveway, a few school loans and a credit card or three.

NY Strips for dinner tonight. Grilled, of course. Also doing some steamed carrots w/dill, a humongous tossed salad and some brown rice concoction left over from last night.

Had the oddest thing happen this morning. I was getting ready to shave when I felt a not unfamiliar sensation in my right nostril. Tilted my head and looked and sure enough, I had a bloody nose starting. Nice one too. Had a hell of a time getting it to stop. Sort of had the problem of ďgeeze, feels like I gotta blow my noseĒ being juxtaposed with ďgeeze, I gotta stop the bleedingĒ. So I compromised. I did blow my nose, then paid the price with the bleeding. I know Ė not the smartest thing, but I guess you had to be there.

Hmmm Ė gotta go home & cook. Might update later. If not, I guess itíll have to be tomorrow, but you wonít know that, will you?

Day 1361 Now You Know

Heh. Didnít make it back to post anything last night. Bummed because I forgot to set the dvr to save Deadliest Catch at 9. Elated because TDC re-ran the 9pm episode at 11pm and I DID get that. Now I get to watch it while Cindy is out at her meeting tonight. Plus, I need to make it look like I got stuff done in the kitchen too. Things like installing some molding and sealing tiles.

Finally figured out the switchplate cover issue. Brushed copper. Looks exactly like the tiles behind the range. Perfectly understated too. Just have to shorten the screws so they fit flush. Or mark the hole placement on the tiles and drill clearance holes for the mounting screws. Either way, itís more stuff to do.

Got tons done at work today. Fixed several problems, only to uncover at least two more. The good news? We know how to fix the two most recent problems. The scary part? What weíll uncover next. Always an adventure.

Been swapping emails with Cindy. Looks like I may be unsupervised for an extended stretch this evening. Anyone want to come over and help with the moldings? I can offer you a free Monster Ale and maybe dinner, if you like what I might throw together. Donít know what itíll be yet though.

Ok. Apparently I have nothing substantial to say, so Iíll just go home and stop putting off the molding & toe kick jobs. Sheesh!

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