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#%^#$@*! Switchplate Covers
2008-05-21, 1:28 p.m.

Day 1368

I have very little thatís nice to say about mounting my switchplate covers. Some of it is my own fault, some of it is pure circumstance, some of it is just how it is.

My fault? Not realizing that I needed to provide clearance for the damn coverplate mounting screws in the tiles. Can I get a ďDíoh!Ē.

Thank you. OF curse, now that everything is cemented in place, itíd be a major undertaking to create these little clearances. Shutting off breakers, removing outlets, cranking up the Dremel tool with some expensive, breakable bit and creating little clouds of rock dust as I wear away the tiles to create the precious clearance. (Inhale!!) Heaven forbid I need to kill the circuit the TV is on.

Pure circumstance? The outlets that need the most work and attention to detail are under the wall cabinets and are therefore the hardest to get to and work on. Feckin Murphy.

Just how it is? The left/right & up/down positioning of each switch or outlet with respect to itís mates in the multiple outlet/switch configurations. Maddening trying to get them lined up properly.

More just how it is? The tiles on the edge of the outlet boxes do not always sit flat and/or flush with their bretheren. In some instances, the edge of the outlet box itself protrudes from the wall a tiny bit. They have to, itís how they are built. Sometimes, the neighboring wall tiles are on a particularly thick bed of thin set (oh, the dichotomy! - thick & thin!). These are easy to deal with. Use a thick bed of goop to cement the edge tiles and things mate up nicely. When the neighboring tiles are on a thinner bed of thin set, or if the outlets stick out a little more, itís impossible to get the tile surfaces to align. This misalignment causes severe problems with the actual mounting of the coverplates. Enough so that at one point last night I had to give myself a time out.

Itís bad when a project reduces you to disciplining yourself as you would a 3 year old. What I REALLY wanted to do was put my fist through the outlets, outlet box and the wall. One clean shot Ė POW! It certainly would have redefined my problem.

So at the peak off my frustration, with my fist balled up ready to fly, I turned around and walked away. I didnít go far, didnít go long. But I did go. There WAS a closet door that looked tempting Ė but it was one of those really light interior doors. Absolutely no satisfaction (or challenge) in beating up that poor thing. So I paced some more. Came up with some options.

Didnít fix the situation last night. Did temporarily mount the cover plate. Did decide to remove the offending tiles and use some of my spares to correct the situation. I can back cut them to compensate for the outlet box. There are a couple of areas that can benefit from this. Repairing more than one area also makes it slightly better in that it will use up more of the new container of grout I will have to get. Dang it. Itís always something.

I need to get two things. Thing #1 is my own card on my FILís credit card account. One with my name on it. As POA, I donít think this is unreasonable. Thing #2 is my own card on the FILís regular banking accounts (an ATM card I guess). Not that I need to get cash, but it would make deposits & such a wee bit easier to do. It would also offer a back up for paying for prescriptions.

Think #3 that I need to get is another appointment with Bobís estate attorney. Heís all for making gifts of the proceeds of Florida house. Weíve asked twice. Gotten the same affirmative answer. Heís very concerned about making sure the BILís kids have funds for college.

A TMI Tuesday swiped from the Biscuit (One Biscuit Hound)

1. How many credit cards do you own? Are they paid off?

Between Cindy & I? Counting bank, gas, & dept. store cards? Too many. Probably close to 20. 4 get used semi-regularly. 12 are close to being paid off & cancelled. Then we start to work on the others. 2 are of the 12 months, no interest variety that we are just waiting to shoot in the head.

2. Can you be in love with someone you don't trust?

Yes. Often the love comes first, then the violation of trust happens. Itís so hard to earn it back . . .

3. Should prostitution be legal?

If it manages to offer health care & benefits to the providers (especially tuition aid), and also provides a new revenue stream to local governments, yes. While weíre at it, legalize pot and take the nicotine out of cigarettes.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how good of a lover do you think you are? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)

12. Oh Ė you mean NOT in my fantasies? Depends on the day. I probably average a 6. For you? I could be a 9. At least once. Really. Unless youíre a guy. Then I think Iíd be a -47. (Cindy just wonít let me unleash my kinky side) (yet)

5. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?

(Not that Iím in the market or anything)

Focusing on all the baggage of prior relationships. And telling me about it.

Getting sloppy drunk. A little buzz to relax is ok, but anything that hampers cognitive ability, motor or language skills is hugely unattractive. (Unless youíre into taking advantage of incapacitated dates. But Iím not.)

Coming across as high maintenance. If it takes you 20 minutes to get ready to go grocery shopping? I donít want to know. Be comfortable enough with yourself that you CAN go out in jeans, t-shirt & no make-up. I do.

(Bonus) Beating me at arm wrestling is a sure way to kill any chance at a second date.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about your worst date ever.

I was a junior in high school. Took a girl to the junior prom. She spent the entire evening dancing with everybody but me. Mostly with one guy. His date was as pissed as I was. To bad we didnít know each other. (Plus Ė she was older than me!!)

The following year I took Cindy to the prom. Things went much better. Then.

Now that itís Wednesday, Iíve got not much to add. Tour de Cure is coming up. Thereís a link to my TDC page up there in the top right corner. If you know someone with diabetes, you may want to consider sponsoring my ride. You can do it anonymously, and you can use the ďotherĒ amount button. Iíll do all the pedaling, promise. If you decide to do something crazy like this yourself Ė lemme know and Iíll be happy to return the support!

I have a link to last years pics someplace, Iíll look it up and add it to the next post. Iíll also be sure to grab some more shots this year. But 1000 people on bike gets boring, fast.

Time to go break something.

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