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2008-06-03, 5:06 p.m.

Day 1381

For I have sinned. Lordy, whatís it been, nearly a week? Between work kicking my ass, pedaling my ass around the western parts of New York and attending family functions from graduations (Jill) to senior recitals (Maggie), then thereís the nearly ubiquitous kitchen work, I barely have time to breathe.

Speaking of breathe Ė get a load of this!!

In case the link didnít work, thatís a reference to an article in our local paper (The Demagogue & Comical) reminding us New Yorkers that the state tax on a pack of cigarettes increases by $1.25 today. That brings the total to a whopping $2.75 per pack in state taxes alone. That will put the average cost of a pack of butts at about $6.75. I think that average includes the generics and low-dough brands too. With gas at over $4 a gallon it isnít very economical to make the 80 mile round trip to the nearest reservation to make a tax free purchase either. Unless you gas up there too and buy your butts by the carton. But thatís a helluva commitment Ė 10 more packs to smoke. And all itís going to do is slow. you. down.

Guess who still smokes? About 2 packs every 3 days, more if sheís drinking? Heh. I sent Cindy a link to that article too.

Butts were only $4.08 a pack when I quit, and in the ensuing 1,381 days, itís saved me $5,634.48 Ė not including a tax increase from a few years ago that added $1.25 a pack. I donít know if the state is hoping for more revenue or fewer smokers. In the end, I think theyíll get a little of both. Hope Cindy gets in on the fewer smokers end of that. Any of you non-smokers (or reformed smokers) ever have to kiss a smoker? Eeww.

OK. Off my smokebox.

In other matters Ė Iím pedaling my ass off. Riding to work most every day, plus riding to the Y for spin classes, then riding to work from there. Did 3 hours of spin class at the Y Saturday because the weather was lousy. Wanted to get in an 80 miler on Sunday, but again, the weather kinda sucked. Didnít rain a lot, or all over, but the wind was pretty wicked.

Eric had today off from work, so I drove my van in to work this morning. The thunder boomers I heard rolling through the area at 6:30 I took as a sign that maybe I shouldnít ride today. Drove through rain all the way in. Man, I like being dry.

Got a sexy new biking jersey form the folks over at Twin Six Alternative Cycling Apparel. They were kinda sorta late shipping it, so they threw in some at socks (red AND black pairs) and a water bottle too. I will have to be sure to get a picture of my outfit on Tour day. Speedy jersey, skin tight padded black biking shorts, red speedy socks and black Lake biking shoes. Itís a good thing fashion and good taste donít count for much in biking. Sometimes, I think the idea is to look as hideous as possible. Wish there were easy fixes for the black shorts & shoes. Oh! As a bonus. If it gets here in time, I may have a pomegranate toned windbreaker to wear.

With the early weather forecast as it is, it may find more use as a rain slicker than a windbreaker. Those temps Ė way up there in the mid Ė upper 80ís? That will be our first real taste of any heat this year. Itís just super that it coincides with a big ride like this. Oh well. Iíll be pounding down the PayDay candy bars (mmmm Ė salty!) and sucking in Gatorade like my blood is made from it. Well, it sorta is.

The event itself provides Gatorade, but they serve it at half strength. There is a rumor circulating that this helps to prevent cramping. I wish theyíd cut it out. The only time I ever cramped while riding was while drinking their half strength juice. After my first pass through Lakeville at the north end of Conesus lake I cramped up terribly if I tried to accelerate too hard. If I tried to stretch the affected muscle, it cramped up. If I tried to just let the muscle relax, it cramped. Only way my legs didnít cramp? Keep pedaling nice & easy, maintain around 16mph and I was fine.

Until I got off my bike after completing a lap of the lake (20-ish miles). I cramped up so bad all I could do was stand and lean on my bike till the spasms passed. On the bright side, my quads never looked as awesome as they did just then, all clenched up and harder than stone. Too bad I couldnít really appreciate it.

Yeah, Iím looking forward to that again. Lets you know youíre alive.

So Iíll be packing my own full strength Power-Ade, Gatorade, G2, something. Heck, I have a 3 liter bladder for a backpack hydration unit somewhere. 3l at 86 degrees ought to last what, 4 or 5 hours? If I start with full bottles too, Iíll be fine. (My hydrapak is insulated too. I can toss in a bit of ice to start and itíll be cool till noon or 1 at least.)

Did I post the link to the training ride Iím going to do Thursday? Hmmm. Iíll have to go look it up. Anyhow. An 80 miler, somewhat adjustable. From Rottenchester out to Perry and back, with fly-byís of Geneseo, Leroy and Avon thrown in. The segment from Perry to Geneseo is about 7 miles and all down hill, some parts excitingly steep. The current record for me & my bike is 41.8mph. Itíd be neat to do 45+ and survive. On a bike, with no padding or protection. Other than a helmet. Cuz lord knows we need to protect a brain that can think this shit is exciting. Woohoo!

Time to post & run. Meeting tonight, and I can feel another one of those heart to heart talks coming on. I just LOVE those! Social drinking my ass. Social means with other people, right? And only one or two? Methinks Cindy needs to understand why I shut down when I sense sheís doing UN-social drinking.

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