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Is it . . . Could it b . . . Why yes it is!!! An entry!
2008-06-19, 12:45 p.m.

Day 1395 1397 Is it . . . Could it b . . . Why yes it is!!! An entry!

We Got Legs!!

But first, this just in:

Utah announces 'major dinosaur fossil discovery'

I thought McCain was from Arizona?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

So. What does two days of riding in very sunny, hot conditions do to you?

Well, this is my upper arm (left I think) The higher parts shows whats left of the color I got on that 80 mile ride to Perry way back on the 5th. The lower part is what got added during the 100 miler on the 8th.

Can you guess where my bike shorts end? This line of demarcation is pretty much immovable.

Even carries over to the other leg.

Those were all done 2 days after the Tour de Cure ride, so the redness had settled down some. Now they’re all a lovely shade of brown. No peeling even. On my legs. In the two days since I started this thing, my upper arms are peeling like a snake. Very attractive.

I mentioned a while back that Eric had a little accident at work where in he got his leg trapped between a 3000 lb pallet jack an a “safety post”. This is what his leg looked like a few days later when the bruises fully developed:

Cool, huh?

8 days after his little “excursion” it was Fathers day. Now, my own Dad is long gone (14.5 years now – wow), but he loved him some golf. So in his honor the boys and I went golfing Fathers day. They paid. Pretty sweet, no?

Here’s my golf partners:

Chilling it on the back 9 while we waited and waited behind the slowest, most ignorant group of golfers I have seen. There was AT LEAST a full hole open ahead of them, but they’d let no one play through. Frustrating.

Anyhow. I schooled the young ‘uns. Made a subtle adjustment to my address and spent the day absolutely smoking drives. Here’s a bad example of how NOT to swing:

People keep asking my why I swing so hard. My only response is “That isn’t really all that hard, is it? That’s just how I go!” (Bowling, softball, darts – all the same – why do you throw so hard?)

Here’s a shot of our guest photog and her beau.

Jill likes to come along on our golf outings. Nice way to get in some exercise (3.5+ miles of walking!) Plus, it was nice to turn her loose with the camera. She got shots we couldn’t have had otherwise.

Monday evening we took Eric back to the ER. His leg swelling just wouldn’t go down. Being concerned with blood lots, we decided it was better to go in and get an opinion from the pro’s. Last time we took him in, on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, the whole trip took 1.5 hours. Monday nite?? Not so lucky. Got there at 7:15pm. Finally left (with answers and diagnosis) at 2:20 AM. That’s AM as in “After Massacre” The good news? No clots, no compartment syndrome. The bad news? Golfing Sunday wasn’t exactly a brilliant idea (but we got him a cart!!). Doc wanted him flat on his back for 3 days, leg elevated above the heart. No work. No golf. No jogging around the block (like Eric would!)

Today he gets let off on parole. Finally. Actually, llast night, after only two days of forced R & R his leg looked much better. Swelling was down, bruising is fading ,the internal pressure is much reduced. His leg used to feel rather like an overfull water balloon. No flexing, just very tight. Last night he could actually wobble it around some. It’s a funky measure of progress, but any little sign of improvement is welcome.

This one is for the ladies. I won’t say Cindy’s age, but she’s a year and two days younger than me (and I’m 49). She’d been sorta bragging lately about how nice it was to not have her period any more. Like for the last 18 months or something. Well, I know partly why she’s been such a crankpot the last couple of weeks. Auntie Flo is back. I’m thinking she’s had 18 months worth of PMS all come through in the last 2 weeks. I hope Aunt Flo’s visit calms her down some. Please!

Work’s been kicking my butt some too. Important phase of our project starting up. Lots to do, pressures on to deliver. Makes it a little exciting and nerve racking all at once.

Got my bike back Monday. All new spokes on the rear wheel. Dave, the shop guy, is guaranteeing them for a whole year. Sweetest part is that he only charged me for the spokes and not the rebuild. Probably saved me $25 or so.

Rode the new wheel this morning. Kinda felt like the old wheel. In a good way. Also tried out my new biking windbreaker jacket. In Pomegranate Red. Temps were in the upper 40’s this morning, so cruising along at 20mph can get a little chilly. I’d been wearing a fleece anorak which is great for warmth but sucks at blocking wind. This jacket? No insulation. Just a mesh inner liner to wick sweat away. Did great at blocking the wind. I felt more than toasty the whole ride (all 8.3 miles) Wish I’d gotten one sooner, but heck, I didn’t know any better. Now, if I can score some pants, I should be able to ride into late fall/early winter. Maybe get some rain gear too to cover the odd rainy day.

With my pig of a van (18mpg average) I’m saving almost a gallon a day. At today’s prices, that’s $20 a week. That’ll help cover the latest increase in cigarette prices Cindy and the rest of the smokers in NY are paying. I wish I were kidding.

Maybe what I should do is put $5 in a jar every day I ride my bike to work. Then, when I have enough, I can go out and buy that sexy Trek 1.2 triple I’m currently lusting over. I think (THINK mind you) it’s going for $750ish – so a measly 150 days of riding will cover it. Maybe I can even pick one up at the end of the season for a little less . . .

Gotta have a dream, right?

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