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Ticket to Ride
2008-06-20, 10:28 a.m.

Day 1398 Ticket to Ride

First, a brief comment about that kid that died as a result of relying on prayer to heal him Not that this is going to change anyone’s mind on the subject, but here’s my thought anyways:

Having faith is fine. Believing in some sort of higher power is fine. If it bloats your goat and makes you happy, I’m thrilled for you. Unfortunately, stories like the one I referenced arise all too often. People – blind faith is bordering on ignorance. God, Yahweh, who ever people pray too, saw fit to give us a very high end brain. We can use that brain to figure shit out. Take advantage of it. Like I said, if you want to believe in a god, go right ahead. But. There’s a little saying I came across in Al Anon that I’m going to paraphrase here: “Trust in God, but be sure you do the ground work”. Translation? Things aren’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter just because you believe good enough. You still need to take care of yourself.

This is a touchy subject for me. A high school friend lost a sister because his parents were convinced that faith healing would work. It didn’t, she’s gone and the world lost a pretty, smart girl because of her parents ignorance. All over something you & I would go see our doctor for and get it cleared up in a matter of days. (I believe she had strep throat that morphed into scarlet fever and eventually pericarditis. 10 days worth of penicillin when it was still strep throat . . .)

Man, I hope the html compilers don’t choke on those bogus directives . . .


More car shopping lat night. Took Eric up to where Zach bought his Cavalier. They had a very nice Impala there. 2001, low miles for the year, asking a little below book value. We’d seen it the night before, but the place was closed. Took it out for a spin last night. Super car but for one thing. The previous owner was a smoker. Yuch. Being an e-smoker myself, I didn’t think it was all that bad. Maybe a liberal dosing of Febreeze would take care of it. After all, my van doesn’t stink like an opium den anymore. But for Eric, it was a deal breaker. Can’t fault him for that.

So we headed back home, grabbed a little dinner. In between sips of cooking sherry, Cindy threw together the fixings for a build your own taco salad dinner. So we sat down and plowed through some big-assed bowls of salad. After, we headed to a dealership where one of Zach’s buddies works. Good ol’ Matt said “Sure, c’mon over. I’ll make yu a real sweet deal!” But who trusts car dealers, right?

We looked. Nice Impalas, sweet little VW Jetta’s I think they were. Eric was starting to think that maybe an Impala was bigger than he wanted, so he test drove one of the VWs’. Nice little car. Then he spotted this little gem:

For the uninitiated, that’s a Chevy Malibu. The picture does the car no justice. It’s a wee bit smaller than the Impala, has a smaller engine, ought to get better gas mileage. Has all the toys – power everything, CD, remote locks AND REMOTE START!!! (I R so jealous) In the winters up here, remote start is a god send. Start the car up early enough and you never have to scrape windows. Just leave the heaters & fan cranked and let it melt. Never get into a cold car and be able to see your breath for the entire drive to work. Works with A/C in the summer too – cool that puppy right down before you hop in.

The car is only 3 years old, has an average amount of miles for it’s age, new tires, new brakes. Plus, Matt did him good on the price. He took just short of 2K off the original asking price. They’re arranging financing now, and we’ll pick it up Monday night. June 23rd is going to be Eric’s new Christmas. Until he makes his first payment at least.

This also means I don’t have to ride my bike into work like I did this morning (8.28 miles in 28:18 this morning). But I doubt I’ll stop. I save about a gallon of gas every day I don’t drive. At todays’s pries (4.19 is the best I can find here, today) that can add up to $20 a week. Almost enough to justify a new bike.

In the geeze, why wasn’t I surprised department, Cindy was pretty thoroughly trashed when we got home last night. We had a preview of what was to come when we made our pit stop for dinner. By the time we got back from securing Eric’s new ride, she was unable to navigate a straight line. Even the boys were all “Uh-oh – she’s been drinking again” And the boys drink, but responsibly. I’m hoping their mom is at least scaring them straight in that regard.

Now I’m back to my old nemesis. No – not a drunk Cindy, that’ HER nemesis. I need to confront my reluctance to sit her down and tell her how I feel RIGHT NOW. She’s on the slippery slope back to full time drinking. I do not want to go back there. But lordy, the repercussions of opening up and sharing feelings – it never seems to go well. I always feel like I’m getting punished for 3 or 4 days afterwards because I dared to have an opinion counter to what Cindy wants to believe.

Old always call Ms. CL and see what she’s up to. I hear she gave up trying to reconcile with her ignorant redneck of a husband and has an apartment back here in the city. Boy – that would be flirting with disaster, wouldn’t it?

Man. I need to get some work done. Also need to decide if I should send Cindy this email I have composed, or save it and use it as a script. I could share it just before she goes to her meeting tonight. I have to wonder how much she’s really benefiting from these meetings. I wonder how much she’s really putting IN to them too.

Not my problem, not my fight. I need to put on and adjust my own oxygen mask first.

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