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Where DOES the Time Go?
2008-07-25, 4:17 p.m.

Day 1433

Holy CRAP!! I have a second here to catch my breath. I have so many entries that are started and left hanging . . .

Something about that paycheck I get every other week and the stuff I’m supposed to be doing to earn it? Yeah – it sucks when the firmware is done (mostly) and you have to go troubleshoot the hardware and keep units up & running for QA testing and fix problems before the end of the day so the B shift can run overnight and you’re covering for vacationing colleagues and all you want to do is sneak out for lunch and get a quickie in the van just because it’s exciting. (Did I say that? No? Oh. Ok)

Anyhow. That gigantic, HUGE ASS beast that was sucking all the pollen & nectar from the Bee Balm back on the patio last weekend? My buddy Peej had it right. My pictures of the critter didn’t come out so good. It was quick people! But. What’s That Bug came to the rescue.

These two shots are pretty good representations of what I saw:

This is a clearwing Hummingbird moth:

This is another of the same or a similar variety:

They do move just like humming birds, but the antennae were giveaways that this wasn’t any normal ‘bird’. All in all, pretty cool. Glad I didn’t run into one on my bike. They were easily 1 ½ inches long. Pretty big for an insect in this area.

Today, finally, we’re getting a break from the rain. Seems like the last 2 weeks we’ve seen heavy downpours every day. Had lots of road flooding here Wednesday – expressways, surface streets, residential neighborhoods, the parking lot of our grocery store was a swimming pool for a bit there. Consequently, I’ve only ridden to work once this week. Sad, sad, sad. I can feel my legs withering, my abs softening. Time to get back at it hard again. 3 days spinning, 3 days running, 4 days of weights. Went and lost all that weight, then got complacent. And soft. NO MORE. (If I have to I’ll start posting my weight and biking/running logs again.) I haven’t run a 5K all year. Don’t even know if I COULD run a 5K. Sure, I can bike 100 miles, but that has downhills and coasting. Ain’t no coasting when you run, and that makes a helluva difference. Plus – we’re getting new gear at the Y (MCA Q – no funny stuff from you!!). Semi-athletic geeks like me just love new toys like that. So before it gets all crowded this winter I’d better get my base built back up.

Last weekend we went to Canandaigua (there will be a pronunciation quiz later) to see The Mambo Kings (Band site here. Thought our niece Maggie was going to get to play so we were really excited to see little teeny Maggie (all willowy 5’8” of her) wailing away on her baritone sax with the bands own sax expert.

Unfortunately Maggies employer didn’t get the email about us really looking forward to her getting to play with the Mambo Kings and the heartless bastard scheduled her to work instead.

On a side note, I could swear The Mambo kings have more albums out. Maybe they just aren’t available for sale on line. I only say this because one of my fave songs of theirs is a version of Oye como va made famous by Carlos Santana, but written by Tito Puente. It’s a cool song live because the audience gets to sing a part – the only ‘word’ in their version of the son – a very loud, well timed “unh”. Twice. Fun. Guess you had to be there.

This weekend won’t be quite as fun. Seriously considering starting the pond. Got to make sure we can get liner from our local guy first, but the time to dig is at hand. Then I have to prepare plans for our deck. The town insists on a plot map and at a minimum your frame design. Since we want to roof it, they’ll probably need details on that too – rafter spacing & size, roof pitch, support wall details, lots of fun stuff. The one benefit of that? It’s all computer drafting work. Time indoors, playing on a computer. Easy!!

Anyhow – time to start my weekend. First thing up? Ordering Dinner. Then? Finish painting a bit of trim, re-installing some tiles that fell off (lousy thin set – couldn’t take the heat behind the stove) and ripping out some more underlayment. Saturday starts the outdoor stuff. After a trip to the Y. Either one. Q.

Behave or have fun.

Pick one.

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