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Nearing Another Anniversary
2008-08-08, 9:30 a.m.

Day 1447

Happy 08-08-08!!

One week from today will mark 27 years of wedded - something. 27 years of waking up to the same face every morning. 27 years, 1 apartment, 2 houses, 11 cars, 2 kids, 1 dog, 0 cats, 4 rabbits, a half dozen rodents and plenty of fish.

What do you get your wife for your 27th anniversary? It’s a Friday night, we could go out. Interferes with an AA meeting. Too bad. She needs Opium. The perfume. We were considering going to New Orleans, but decided that August would be too hot down there for us tender northerners. So we decided to put the trip off till October. Maybe I should present her a large-ish bottle of Opium with a trip itinerary in the same package – with reservation confirmation numbers.

Two years ago was the whole anniversary ring fiasco. Last year – man, I don’t even want to think about last year. Talk about a low point. I’m really aiming to give things a shove in the right direction this year. Lets hope.

Anyhow. Got a very anticipated email in my in-box last night. The Trans Siberian Orchestra has announced it’s winter tour dates for this year. Here in beautiful downtown Rochester they’ll be appearing December 27 – a Saturday night. They also offered a sign up list to be notified early to get the best seats – ahead of the scalpers and radio stations. I fully intend to be there to get 6 of the best seats they offer. We promised to take the kids (our boys and their girls) after seeing the show last year. The show is just so impressive, and to be able to see it from right up front? It’s so worth it.

Monday (yes, ancient history) I rode my bike in to work. Barely made it home ahead of some rain showers. Wednesday I also rode in, expected to race the rain showers home, but they never materialized. Ended up doing some garden trimming & weeding in the evening. Thursday (we’re up to yesterday now) almost no one rode in (I counted 2 bikes as I strolled in at 8) because the weather forecast was pretty shaky. Ended up being a gorgeous day for riding. Today’s forecast is much worse than yesterday’s. I saw a grand total of 4 bikes this morning. As I type this (yes, at work. Shhhh. My code is compiling/simulating) we are getting pounded.

I didn’t ride in. I’m taking a half day so I can be home to receive a delivery of pond-scaping supplies. You know – 625 sq.ft. of liner (200llbs?), 15,000 pounds of rocks in various sizes, a skimmer, patio blocks (for shoring up edges), and multiple tubes of rock adhesive. I was hoping to be able to start the excavation process this afternoon, but with the weather we’re having at the moment, I think the pond would get filled (and re-filled) every time I removed another shovel of soil. No – rain is NOT conducive to good digging.

So instead, I’ll get the delivery guys to leave the material as close to the pond site as possible then retreat inside and make some progress on all those niggling little tasks that are left undone in the kitchen.

With that, I must be off. Might check in later depending on how things go this afternoon. I could finish those pesky little kitchen tasks and have some time to kill.

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